STEEPSTER BOOK CLUB: July and August Voting

Hello! It looks like we only got a few votes, and two of the books are tied. I’m thinking it might be best to postpone the club for awhile. Maybe late Fall?

I already have the Harney book, the Julia book AND the Help – so if anyone would like to talk about the books informally, PM me :)

Big thanks to AmazonV for being an amazing discussion creator for The Hitchhikers Guide – we are still discussing this one until the end of the month!!! – and Sarah Rose for being an incredibly generous author and having a discussion with us!!

Look for another Steepster Book club message when the weather turns cold!!

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Cofftea said

Shoot I forgot to vote- I was more tired coming back from vacation than I thought. The Harney Guide to Tea sounds WONDERFUL. I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy it. Too bad book club is being postponed. I’ll be working by then and will most likely be too busy to participate.

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Rabs said


I’m surprised at how much of a struggle I’m having in keeping up with the book club. There’s just a lot going on for me both work-wise and school-wise and it’s sapping my desire to read right now :( I still plan on finishing the first two book club selections, but they’re not going to be in the timeframe set up (even though it’s a really good setup).

I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to both you and AmazonV for doing such an awesome job with the first 2 selections. :)

Cofftea said

I agree Rabs, I tried to keep up w/ the 1st (the 2nd one didn’t interest me to start), but I found that I got info overload. I think something like the H&S book would be a lighter read- but still AWESOME… especially if we could get autographed copies as an SS item.

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gmathis said

A wise move, I think … summer, unfortunately, just naturally expands to crowd out reading time.

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Shugi said

Hi! Sorry for my ignorance, but where can one vote? :)

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Hello Shugi! The voting was on the thread entitled:

STEEPSTER BOOK CLUB: Vote HERE for July and August!

and before that, one was able to cast their nominations at:


Look out in the Fall for a similar thread :) I hope to start up again!

Shugi said

Thanks, i will do that :)

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Janefan said

Same problem for me – not so much lack of interest as lack of time. I was behind on the first book from the start, then I was actually ahead on the second, but work and life got busy so I’ve slowed down a bit, but still plan to finish it and be involved in discussion for the next 2 weeks.

I’ve finally realized that I belong to too many book clubs (online and off) to read every book for every club every month, as much as I would like to. So I need to start picking and choosing what I commit to on a month-to-month basis… I really do like the format of this group and the online discussions, but yes, summer is a hard time to drum up book club energy.

Cofftea said

Janefan- that’s why I like this one. I can pick and choose. Last month just didn’t interest me. And I probably won’t be involved in the Harney discussion too much if and when we do it cuz I’m gonna start reading it in July.

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