Butiki Traveling Educational Box NUMBER TWO - On the move!

Hi all! There was such a large demand for Butiki’s educational unflavored tea box, that Butiki has generously offered to provide a SECOND box of samples!

Info below.

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From Butiki:

We have a ton of samples and would like to do a little spring cleaning. The vast majority of these teas are not teas we sell. We would like to lump them in groups, so that they could be tasted at the same time so one could draw a conclusion about type of tea or location. For instance, we could lump together 2nd Flush Assams. Most of these will be unlabeled other then generally what they are. For instance, a label might say Assam #1, 2013 2nd Flush.

These teas will all be unflavored.
 Please note all of our samples are stored together and occasionally we receive unsolicited flavored teas. Due to a slight potential cross contamination we ask that anyone with a serious allergy not participate.
 Most of these don’t have dates and we can’t be sure how old they are. We will try to keep this box to teas of higher quality and more recent teas.

I will be obtaining the names of the people who had requested membership in the first box, and giving them first shot at spaces here. For this round we are going to keep the number at 10-15, but if the initial round goes quickly we may add more toward the end of the journey.

If there is anyone willing to pay to ship to Canada, please indicate that in your post and that will determine Canadian participation. Participants from the educational box one (Shadowfall’s box) ARE allowed to participate, since these will be different teas, but priority will be given to people who have not had a chance to participate at all yet, and who have good history here. It is likely that the box will be a medium flat rate sized box.

Here’s how it works:

- You get the box in the mail.

- Sample the teas that interest you. 

- If you have unflavored teas that you can add to the box please do, but also please do not feel obligated to replace the exact amount that you took.

Send it on to the next person with delivery confirmation. Please PM both Marzipan and the person you are sending to with the delivery confirmation tracking number.

-Try not to keep the box for longer than a week, max two. (This is not a set timeline, however we would like to keep the box moving in a fairly timely and efficient manner). Please keep the thread updated when you receive the box and when you are sending it out.

-Follow the people who are before and after you in the list (once the list is up) so you can PM about addresses and such.

-Please make sure to package teas appropriately so that strongly scented teas do not contaminate the other teas, and so that no teas escape and wander the box while in the mail.
 Please replace the box if it becomes damaged.

- If you want to be dropped from the list please let me know.
If something has come up and you want to be reshuffled on the list, let me know right away so I can do that.

- When you get the box, ask the next person on the list for their address. Then check and make sure they’re ready for the box before you send it to make sure nothing has changed.

Please post below if you are interested in participating!

Final list!

As a sidenote, I had originally intended to do them pretty much east to west, but Stephanie and I found out that we live less than ten miles from each other, so we are going to meet up and transfer the box in person. Then it can start the journey. Small world! When the box gets back around I will evaluate it and see if we can do another small run with new people, depends how much is left.

Marzipan (KY)
Stephanie (IN)
Kiwidelight (NY)
Dr Jim (MA)
Suziqzer (IN)
CelebriTEA (IN)
Cheri (MI)
MJ1851 (MN)
Megan (MO)
Amanda Wilson (MO)
TeaTiff (MO)
Donkeytiara (CA)
Flyawaybirdie (CA)
Marzipan (KY)

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Woot! It worked this time! I think I was overflow from the first list though, on the newer thread that Shadowfall started. Thanks for doing this Marzipan!

OK, I’m supposed to get the original list tonight and I’ll make adjustments then.

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I would like to add my name to the list of interested people :)

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Nick select said

I would certainly like to be included, however, I’m not sure of how long the original list and overflow was and all. However, if there’s room and all, please!

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Count me in! :)

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CelebriTEA said


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Megan said

Hey I was on the list before and then I was randomized out of the list. Can I be added to this one please? :)

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I’m so thrilled to be included! Thank you Marzipan for handling logistics!

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It’s as fun for me as it is for everyone else!

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Hey guys, just wanted to mention that while we do have some of the same type of teas in this box as box #1, there are some differences. We have a few fresh teas that were harvested last month as well as a nice selection of puerhs.


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