Taobao buying agent, anyone?

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alinanra said

I bought some tea directly from TaoBao sellers, but I asked for friends to buy for me – I didnn’t do it trhough agents.

My favourite shop is 武夷茶师原产地茶叶店
It is a local shop of Wi Yi mountain and you can buy several teas from Wu Yi from this shop.
I bought my JinJunMei in 2013 there and I was amazed.
98 CNY (about 15 USD) for 500g tea (in 2 nice cans – the package was really great). This tea is my favourite until now: I can steep it 7 or 8 times and it still has a lingering sweet astringent aftertaste.

This year I bought this ZhenShan XiaoZhong
much more because of the tea caddy.
It costs like 2 USD with the porcelain tea caddy and 125g tea. Of cource the tea is not that good, but it is not actually bad. Better than lots of tea from american tea shops, for sure.

AllanK said

I didn’t know anyone outside of China could buy directly from Taobao or that they had international shipping.

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