Rebranding Question--would like your input, please.

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Chef8489 said

You already come to a conclusion. One thing you could have done is change the blending slightly and package it as theirs but with specially blended by 52teas for so and so name. That way they can call it whatever but you get credit for it.

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You guys know about Trader Joe’s right? They are a grocery store that resells white label products; very few of the items in their store have the original packaging on it; they relabel everything as if it was made by them.
However, everyone knows they aren’t the original manufacturers, and that they are jsut really good at getting the products they sell to a large audience, so I think allowing your product to be white label (repackaged) is generally a great business idea, and any product you white label can, just like you said, be sold only on a wholesale basis after the first batch.
Sounds like your decision is a good one!

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