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How impartial are you all

Quoting the little disclosure blurb I have on my blog: ‘I will give each tea a fair and honest review, regardless if it was bought by me, gifted, or sent for reviewing purposes. Each tea will be treated equal and any poetic waxing or complaints are a result of the tea’s quality and not how I received it.’

I don’t charge for reviews, and don’t accept any paid posts. All I ask for is the sample itself for review.
There is advertisement on my blog, which consists of the ads in the sidebar. That’s the blog’s sole source of income and it’s barely enough to pay the hosting fees.
My reputation as a tea blogger is on the line, so it’s in my best interest to be impartial.

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We’re a new tea company that loves sharing stories about tea drinkers. You don’t necessarily have to drink our tea, but you should have a love for tea in general (which I think everyone here does!) Right now, we’re looking for people that fit any of the following categories: crafters, anyone starting their own business, avid travellers, anyone that has made big changes in their lives or have really influenced others to improve. Check out our site and let us know if you or anyone you know might be great as a feature in our blog!

[email protected]

Cute tins!

Thank you!

Looking for crafters you say ;) and I agree with Marzipan, your tins are so cute!

Amanda, we checked out your online shop. The coasters and bows are too cute! I’ve passed your info on to our marketing team for consideration. Thanks!

Oh very cool! Thank you :)

Yeah, I agree with everyone. Your tins are really awesome!

Katiek said

Do yo ship to the US? It shows that as a country option in checkout, but then it said no shipping method was available.

KatieK, we will be! Just ironing out some hiccups first. Thanks for pointing that out on the website.

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guozhi-liu said

Guys ,why should not ,you will try the Oolong Tea,blue tea.The half-fermented tea,an important part of Gongfu tea,The tea leaves are green in the center and red at the edge. Benefits: It decomposes fat and helps people lose weight.

I think i’ll pass on that thanks. Grammar is important

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