Tea Treats...

Found this on Buzzfeed. The recipes include tea. Anyone tried any of these yet?
(I’ve made tea cookies, but different ones than are listed.)


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I haven’t tried any of these, but I may have to give the chai s’mores a try. Last year I made lavender shortbread to go with my Earl Grey and they were pretty tasty.

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carol who said

The cheesecake looks and sounds delicious!

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oooooh, yum! I made shortbread very much like the ‘Earl Grey Biscuits’ before, and it turned out great (I forgot about it until I looked at this list!).
carol who, your avatar is fantastic, by the way. ;)

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Nicole said

Haven’t tried these particular ones. I did infuse creme brulee with Harney & Sons Boston blend once and it was yummy. I can imagine with EG it would be tasty. And I have made EG truffles, but not EG Vanilla truffles. EG +chocolate is always a win.

The biscuits will be tried. As soon as I can get the pdf to open… Thanks for the link, Lariel. Lots of good ideas there!

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