Damn Fine Tea Enters 21st Century

We’ve got us some PayPal working on the site so you can use your fancy “internet money” to order some Damn Fine Tea.

When you check out, the “Review Your Order” section will ask you “How Would You Like to Pay?”. Select PayPal and the Web Elves will take it from there!


As always, thanks for the tons of support from our awesome customers!

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Sil select said

Nice! Now we just need refill bags haha

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Lala said

Oooooh!. This is super exciting.

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DigniTea said

Thank you. I appreciate the addition.

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Awesome, now I can order from you!

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Uniquity said

I’m not a paypal user but I’m glad to see you accommodating customer requests! I’m making a pitch for some sort of sampler for those of us hesitant to try a tin. Maybe 10 g of each of the permanent teas sold as one would be doable, rather than making samples of each tea individually. I’m super interested in your teas but definitely won’t spend all the moolah on them until I know they’re up my alley. One can dream!

Agree! I don’t even care if you stick it in a Baggie. I just want to try it.

A sampler pack would be awesome. Like Marzipan said, even if it was just packaged in little baggies or something. Lol.

Cavocorax said

They could be Damn Fine Samples!

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