codyrachel said

What I'm drinking - comments? What has your taste buds going crazy

This am I made a “chocolatea” – that’s that it tastes richly of oolong with a very slight chocolate aftertaste – different but chocolate so mild and delayed it didn’t affect the rich oolong I’ll be drinking it again – but this afternoon I had a cup of caramel pu’reh -I want again there was almost a hint of scotch flavor – yum rich full body flavor

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teaenvy said

I have a puer that does not sparkle or stand out in anyway when simply drinking. Its rather boring tea on its own. But pair it with food and this tea tastes like beef broth!
Obviously this effect is more pronounced with some foods than others. This isnt about loving the taste for me but rather loving the experience of the unexpected taste.
I cant seem to get over how different this tea tastes when paired with food. Its practically an obsession.

mrmopar said

I bet that is a sheng. I have some that exhibit this also.

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