Aiya Matcha Limited Time Offer - Free Tea Bowl

For a limited time only, Aiya America is offering a free tea bowl with consumer purchases of $100 or more. More details can be found on our Aiya blog:

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CelebriTEA said

This sounds good “in theory” Except your link does not share with anyone
How to order your teas? Hmmmm…..

boychik said

Click on consumer online store

CelebriTEA said

Thank you…I didnt see that…must be my blonde roots

As boychik already mentioned, the “consumer online store” in our blog post links to our store. Just so everyone can see, a store link is also included below.
Of course, if you ever have any questions, you can always contact us via Steepster or at [email protected].

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CelebriTEA said

Thanks for posting that obvious link for fellow blondes (wink)

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