Hi all

What’s everyone’s experience of buying tea from eBay. Some of the prices seem pretty competitive

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I have bought from Darlenes with good results.

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boychik said

Dragon Tea House. Fast ship, huge selection

They have really good prices.

I’ve wanted to buy from them. So much tempting stuff…but I have so much already. XD

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Blue! Wow those are beautiful!

I blame boychik, it’s Dragon Tea House. :)

Megan said

Blue! Those prices are very reasonable.

boychik said

Guilty… Sigh
Blue. Usually I like red teaware but this rich navy blue with gold dragon is gorgeous. I just want to mention that I prefer easy gaiwan or gongfu pots. It’s easy pour and I don’t burn my fingers. Sleep on it

I’m not well versed, would these not be easy to use?

boychik said

That’s what I use all the time
The one you like is traditional thin walled, gets really hot and not comfortable to grab. I have diff gaiwans or teapots, but only one extremely comfortable.

I went with blue, couldn’t resist.

boychik said

Now the hardest part is to wait. hopefully it will arrive soon;)

mars1 select said

how was the dragon blue porcelain teaset? I’m thinking about buying the set as well but there doesn’t seem to be any reviews on it.

It’s adorable but teeny tiny, here’s a picture of the whole set packed into its case beside a pen for scale. http://imgur.com/URnNZq8

Oh wow, it really is teeny tiny. Good choice with the blue, though. Looks beautiful!

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mrmopar said

Berrylleb King Tea , cctv and Dragon are my top three and in that order.
I mainly buy puerh but they carry other teas a well.

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I’ve had some small yixing pots from ebay that work pretty well. Not really used it for tea purchases yet.

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