+'HERE'S HOPING' teabox ROUND THREE - signups closed! USA only

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lolainred said

The box is on its way to Marzipan! It went out this morning. I’ll post my added and tasted list this weekend when I have a moment to sit down.

lolainred said

Tasted (1 serving):
Simple Loose Leaf – Plum Blossom White
Zen Tea – Almond Marzipan
Hugo Tea Co. – Full-Steam
Just Tea – Kathryne Earl Grey
Steep City Teas – Purple Peach
Verdant – Yabao Snickerdoole
Verdant – Bai Mu Dan White Tea
Verdant – April Showers
Shang Tea – Tangerine Blossom
Adagio – Jasmine Phoenix Pearls

52 Teas – Cantaloupe Watermelon White (2 tsp)
Della Terra Teas – Pineapple Upside Down Cake (1 tsp)
The Tea Place – Jasmine White Tipped (1tsp)
Gong Fu Tea Shop – Le Tour de France (1tsp)
Azercay Black Tea (2 tsp)

Finished (1 serving):
Harney & Sons – Queen Catherine
Den’s Tea – Sencha Kua-midori
TeaForte – Blueberry Merlot

Quintin’s Tea Emporium – Strawberry Creme (4 tsp)
Harney & Sons – Apricot (5tsp)
Harney & Sons – Jane’s Garden Tea (4tsp)
Nina’s – Nina’s Japon (3 tsp)
52 Teas – Cashew Turtle (1-2 tsp)
DAVIDsTEA – Organic Detox (2 tsp)
DAVIDsTEA – Red Velvet Cake (5+ tsp)
Sara’s Tea Caddie – Genmai Hojicha (3 tsp)

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A big thank you to everyone so far for keeping this tea box going smoothly. :D

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The box came yesterday and I went through it last night. It has a lot of tea and a great variety. I only picked out six to try, so I anticipate getting it back out pretty fast.

I was thinking of adding some Fauchon to it, any other special requests?

No special requests from me if you only found six you want to try. :/

It’s more that I’m moving out of the “try everything” phase. I did find several I’m really happy to have encountered though.

Oh okay… I don’t think I’ll ever be our of the try everything phase!

I tried a bunch to ensure I can put in a bunch in the teabox!

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The box is on the way to Virginia (no response from 221tea). Thanks for letting me participate!

Tangerine Blossom Red – Shang Tea
Diamond Jubilee – Harney
Full Steam – Hugo
Golden Needle King – Shang Tea

Eight Candles – Della Terra

Shooting Starfruit – David’s Tea
Safari Breakfast – Ambessa/Harney
La Poire – Fauchon
La Pomme du Verger – Fauchon
Dong Ding Oolong – Wulong

This tea box will be back with me sooner than I thought! 221Tea, if you are out there, I can add you to the list after Veronica if you’d like.

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The box is here! I won’t have a chance to go through it until this evening, and I’m sure I’ll be daydreaming about tea between now and then.

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I’m packing up the tea box and getting it ready for its next stop. I had a lot of fun with the box this round and was able to try so many new-to-me teas. :)

Teas I sampled:
Safari Breakfast – Ambessa (Harney and Sons)
Tuscany Pear – Aunt Sue’s Tea Room
Azerçay – Buket
Rooibos Vanilla – Tealux
Ankara Apple – Bluebird Tea Co.
Plum Blossom White – Simple Loose Leaf
Purple Peach – Steep City Teas
Rooibos Caramel – Georgia Tea Co.
Key Lime Pie – Della Terra Teas
Blueberry – Adagio
Blue Mountain Nilgiri – The Tea Spot
Secy Chai – Steep City Teas
Nina’s Japon – Nina’s Paris
Coconut Oolong – Zen Tea
Sticky Toffee Pudding – Whittard of Chelsea
Apricot – Harney and Sons
Masala Chai – Capital Tea Ltd.
Autumn Harvest Cider – Nature’s Tea Leaf
Fashionista Blend – Fashionista Tea
Pear Tea – Fauchon

Teas I finished:
Le Tour de France – Gong Fu Tea Shop
Katheryne Kenyan Earl Grey – Justea
Organic Full-Steam – Hugo Tea Co.
Shooting Star Friut – DAVID’s TEA

Teas I removed/kept:
Rooibos Blueberry – Georgia Tea Co.
Strawberry Oolong – Teavivre
Strawberry Cream – Quintin’s Tea Emporium
The des Poetes (1 tsp.) – Dammann Freres

Teas I added:
Thai Chai – Adagio
Tiger Assam – Andrews and Dunham
Starry Night – Art of Tea
Eggnogg’n – Bigelow
Creamy Pumpkin Pie – Bulk Herb Store
East Frisian – Harney and Sons
Paris – Harney and Sons
Tropical Green – Harney and Sons
Vietnam Black OP1 – Single Origin Teas
Jun Chiyabari Second Flush – Single Origin Teas
Organic Blueberry Green – Wegman’s
El Dorado Chai – Whispering Pines Tea
Manistee Moonrise – Whispering Pines Tea
Glen Arbor Breakfast – Whispering Pines Tea
Mint Chocolate Chai – Whispering Pines Tea
Gingerbread Chai – Zhena’s Gypsy Tea

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The tea box went out today and is on its way to Tea Sipper in New York. I apologize for the late send. With Steepster being wonky for the past few days I had trouble logging on and getting the correct mailing address.

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It’s back and it’s a beast! Looking through, there does seem to be a handful more teas that I’ve seen in the past than usual, maybe because of the slightly less participants. But there are some good ones! Some of the repeats will be removed… but there isn’t anything from before the last round though, so it isn’t too bad. However, most of it is flavored. Nothing against flavored teas, I love them, but I think there should be more of a balance.. maybe a new rule if you add five flavored teas, add around five unflavored teas? Because…. time to organize for round four! This beast can’t stop! Keep an eye out soon for the link to the signups & I’ll be writing a list of all the teas in this round soon. THANK YOU to everyone keeping this thing successful!

Yay for being a success! Can’t wait for the new round to post! =)

I’m glad it arrived safely. I had similar thoughts about there not being a lot of unflavored teas. I added some but I definitely added more flavored. :)

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The complete list of teas for round three:
Butiki Teas – Organic Decaf Korakundah
Butiki – Creamy Eggnog
Harney & Sons – Jane’s Garden
Harney & Sons – Diamond Jubilee
Harney & Sons – Ambessa Safari Breakfast
Harney & Sons – Super Blue Lavender
Harney & Sons – Birthday Tea Decaf
Harney & Sons – Indian Nimbu
Harney & Sons – Paris
Harney & Sons – East Frisian
Raizana – Happy Tea
Raizana – Sleepy Tea
Fashionista Tea – Fashionista Blend
Fashionista Tea – Chocolate Rooibos
Azercay – Black
Yaupon Asi – Timucua Yaupon
Yaupon Asi – Yaupon Rooibos Coconut Lavender
Bluebird – Ankara Apple
The Tea Spot – Monkey Picked
The Tea Spot – Blue Mountain Nilgiri
Whittard of Chelsea – Sticky Toffee Pudding
Alwazah (Swan) Tea
Della Terra – Caramel Oolong
Della Terra – Caramel Crème
Della Terra – Key Lime Pie
Red Leaf Tea – White Chocolate Matcha
Teasenz – Ginseng Oolong
Den’s Tea – Sakura Sencha (Cherry)
Capital Teas – Lemon Chiffon Rooibos
Nina’s – Nina’s Japon
Art of Tea – Happy Tea
Art of Tea – Starry Night (Vanilla)
Tian Hu Shan Rose Ti Kuan Yin
The Tea Nation – Earl Grey
Ahmad – Cardamon Black
Zen – Almond Marzipan
Zen – Coconut Oolong
Zen – Lapsang Souchong
Aunt Sue’s – Tuscany Pear Rooibos
Simple Loose Leaf – Plum Blossom White
Adagio – Yerba Mate
Adagio – Earl Grey Moonlight (2)
Adagio – Jasmine Phoenix Pearls
Adagio – Blueberry Black
Adagio – Minecraft Creeper
Adagio- Green Cherry
Georgia Tea Co – Ti Kwan Yin
Georgia Tea – Rooibos Caramel
Tea Moments – 1001 Nights
Fusion – Good Morning Mate
Fusion – Lemon Rose Bud
Fusion – Thai Chai
Verdant – April Showers
Verdant – Bai Mu Dan
Verdant – Jasmine Bouquet
Verdant – Laoshan Black
Verdant – Cask Strength
Verdant – Yabao Snickerdoodle
David’s Tea – Red Velvet Cake (2)
Cameron’s – Black Currant
Wulong – Dong Ding Oolong
Design A Tea – Pear Spice
Design A Tea – Ice Wine
David’s Tea – Cocoa Chai Rooibos
David’s Tea – Organic Detox
David’s Tea – Vanilla Orchid
Capital Tea – Masala Chai
Epi Tea – Serene Chai
Steep City Tea – Sexy Chai
Steep City Tea – Purple Peach White
Mighty Leaf – Wild Blossoms & Berries
Kim’s Homemade Chai
Nature’s Tea Leaf – Autumn Harvest Cider
Teavana – Blueberry Bliss / Pineapple Kona Pop
Teavana – Kamiya Papaya Oolong
Teavana – Chateau Blanc White
JusTea – Kathryne Earl Grey
Dori’s Tea Cottage – Pomegranate
Davidson’s – Herbal Cranberry Orange
Zhena’s Gypsy Tea – Coconut Chai
Zhena’s Gypsy Tea – Gingerbread Chai
Fauchon – La Pomme du Verger (Orchard’s Apple)
Fauchon – La Poire (Pear)
Sara’s Tea Caddie – Genmai Hojicha
Bulk Herb Store – Creamy Pumpkin Pie
Single Origin – Vietnam Black
Single Origin – Jun Chiyabari
Andrews & Dunham – Tiger Assam
Whispering Pines – Mint Chocolate Chai
Whispering Pines – El Dorado Chai
Whispering Pines – Manistee Moonrise
Whispering Pines – Glen Arbor Breakfast
Wegmans – Blueberry Green
52Teas – Cotton Candy
52Teas – Cashew Turtle
52Teas – OYGFIB? (Orange banana rooibos)
52Teas – Malted Chocomate
52Teas – Candy Corn Black
52Teas – Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha
52Teas – Chocolate Bacon
Tavalon – Summer Fruits Green
English Tea Store – Lapsang Souchong
Damman Freres – The des Poetes
Republic of Tea – Comfort & Joy
Republic of Tea – Blackberry Sage decaf
Celestial Seasonings – Morning Thunder mate
Teavivre – Nonpareil Yunnan Dian Hong
Teavivre – Apple Awakenings
Tea of Life – Ginger Peach Rooibos
Tea Xotic – Jungle monkey chai
Wild tea Qi – Green Jade
Handmade Tea – Seed Harvest
Tealux – Rooibos Vanilla
SerendipiTEA – Monk’s Mead
SerendipiTEA – Currantly Cordial
Alokozay – Green Ceylon
Tea Clinic – Immunity
Persimmon Tree – Green Pomegranate
Tea Forte – Bombay Chai
Tea Forte – Sweet Orange Spice Black
Rishi – Pu-erh Ginger

Of the around 122 teas, around 50 are teas I’ve seen before… but none from the round before this one. Usually there are only a handful I’ve seen before! I’m keeping many of the 50 teas I think are decent for another round. Previous participants are (of course) welcome but keep that in mind for signups because here they are: http://steepster.com/discuss/9172-heres-hoping-traveling-teabox-round-four-us-only

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