Contest - We're Having a Baby and you get the presents! - Unfortunate News!

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Doulton said

Put me down for January 24th please! And many congratulations. Well-done!

Hehe that’s my anniversary. Thank you!

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en0ush said

Congratulations! I’ll guess you’ll be welcoming your new family member on January 30th.

Boy: Ethan Lyall Carter, Ethan Isidor Carter, Ethan Malcom Carter, Ethan Alby Carter, Ethan Alban Carter, Ethan Emory Carter, Ethan Finlay Carter, Ethan Kenrick Carter, Ethan Frederick Carter, Ethan Elbert Carter, Ethan Warrick Carter, Ethan Ennis Carter, Ethan Delwyn Carter, Ethan Elliot Carter, Ethan Haywood Carter, Ethan Elric Carter, Ethan Ellis Carter….

Girl: Cythnia _ Carter, Sasha (or Sacha) _ Carter, Kaleigh Carter, Erin (or Erinn) Carter, Diane Carter, Ellis Carter, Clarissa Carter, Addison Carter, Kimberly Carter, Emma Carter, Abbey Carter, Anise Carter, Lia Carter, Karina Carter, Lilly Carter, Jillian Carter, Jaylin Carter, Kirsten Carter, Angela Carter, Pru Carter, Camilla Carter, Roslyn, Rhea
Carter, Taia Carter, Lilea Carter, Rowena Carter, Kira (or Qira) Carter, Caileta Carter, Corrin(e) Carter, Cyrilla Carter, Danielle Carter, Alycia Carter, Alissa Carter, Reyna Carter, Vivian (or Vivienne) Carter, Lydia Carter…. edit: Samantha (Sammy) Carter

Wow, you really gave me a lot to think about. Thank you!

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Erin said

Congratulations! That is so exciting!

I’m guessing Feb. 15, 2011 (which will be exactly two decades after I was born).

I love the name Lillian Grace for a girl. For a boy, I like Ethan Lloyd.

Best of luck to you and your family!

Cofftea said

I met the CUTEST little girl named Lillie on vacation this week:)

(wombatgirl guessed this as well)

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Congrats, Rachel! I will guess that the due date is January 22. Suggestion for a girls name…Rain :)

Thank you, not sure if the hubby will like Rain though. :-)

It sounds lovely, but I keep thinking the poor girl will get teased with “Rain Rain go away.” Kids can be so mean. ;-)

gmathis also guessed Jan 22

I can see why your hubby might not like Rain. I know this first hand since I’m from Seattle. However, there is something beautiful about rain :) Kids can be very mean..

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AmazonV thanks so much for keeping track, the baby brain is horrible right now. Also, noticed this time around I have been so much more emotional. Crazy stuff!

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Well, I should have some information by tomorrow night. Sorry for the delay everyone.

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Alright everyone I will announce the winner tomorrow… Last chance to get your guesses in. Hubby and I need to check out the name suggestions and won’t pick something until we know what it is or we may not choose any of the suggestions. Not sure yet to early to tell but “Thank you” everyone for your congrats and suggestions. We appreciate it a great deal.

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Drum Roll please….the winner is Caitlin, my due date is Feb. 26, 2011. Thanks everyone for playing. I will not be considering names yet but as soon I do will will look up all your suggestions. There are quite a few I have interest in.

Caitlin said

Thanks!! And Congrats again!! Can’t wait to try the tea!

Yay Caitlin!

yea caitlin :)

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Go Caitlin! I will live vicariously through your tasting notes! Lol…..

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Cofftea said

OH MY GOSH! I was praying this wouldn’t happen… stupid contests. I can only imagine how much harder it’s been on you because of it. Message me if you need to talk. I’m praying for you! HUG!

Thank you, I will right now I am trying to stay strong and appreciate my little miracle I already have. I opted to go the natural way and the process started yesterday but I understand it can take days. It is starting to get a little rough.

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