Stash "Sampler" Sale

Hey everyone!

I have a bunch of tea (nothing new!) As some of you know, I sell samplers from time to time, and I’d like to offer a couple of samplers.

In these samplers, the samples will be random but I do offer some customization. I offer whatever I happen to have in my stash. So that is to say that I will do my best to accommodate your requests, and work within your preferences!

My cupboard is in need of updating, so teas that appear in my cupboard may or may not be available, but, if you check out my tasting notes as well as my reviews on SororiTea Sisters it should give you an idea of the teas that I’ve been drinking lately and that I can send you.

Here’s what I can offer at this time:

1 – “Knoshbox” sampler – sold out.

But I still have one more of the Love with Food boxes.

1 – “Love with Food” box: this is a smaller sized box that holds somewhere between 20 – 30 samples. Like the knoshbox, I’ll keep putting the samples in there until the box is full. This box I’ll sell for $12. plus $6.50 Priority shipping. It probably won’t cost that much to ship it, so, if you’ve paid excess in shipping, I’ll refund the difference to you.

The samples are packaged in zipper pouches that are about 3 × 4 inches, and labeled with name of tea, tea producer, and suggested tea parameters. I accept paypal for these sales.

If you’re interested, please PM me and let me know which sampler you’re interested in.

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I tried to PM you, and I may or may not have succeeded – apologies, as I am fairly new to participating actively. I typically just lurk :) I am interested in the Knoshbox sampler if it is still available.

It is still available! I’ll keep it for you.

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Janie Teo said

do you also have bagged teas in your stash as i collect tea wrappers and off course drinking them too

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Hi do you have any samplers left? And please I was wondering If I could buy it Dec. 3.

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Janie Teo said

silvermage2000, would you also intrested samplers from bagged teas? i have plenty of them. But i must tell you that my bagged tea have no wrappers anymore. i took them out to exchange with other tea collectors and teas are stored in zipbag in cool dark place. Please let me know if you like to have them. I am living in Belgium so postage will be international but i am very sure it will not be that expensive. PM me so i can let you know what i have in petto

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Janie Teo said

anyone interested in buying some bagged tea? after the holiday finish i will prepare my list of teas i have in my stash.

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