I am looking for tea information

I have a tea that a friend got in China and brought back to the US…Now the tea is mine, but I am no longer in contact with my friend and cannot obtain the information I see from that source.

Do you know what this says? I want to know what kind of tea it is. From what some of my friends have been able to tell me…The company is in the Menghai county in Yunnan province. And it is red tea. Can you tell me more?

Here is a link to pictures of the canister on my public Facebook feed.

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drStout said

Don’t know if you’ve already tried, but Googled the picture, and found this store http://www.giftsoftheorient.co.uk/chinese-ti-kuan-yin-oolong-tea-50grams-top-grade-o-1229-p.asp
The tea is different, but the canister looks the same. It seems, it is actually out of stock, but there are other teas, maybe they changed the canister. Wasn’t able to find the actual brand name, though. But maybe you could ask them if need be.

I did try google goggles but didn’t get your result, but thank you so much…the cans are very similar. My can is from 1994 so the slight differences could be due to time.

It isn’t the exact tea though…the one on the link is from Fujian, and mine is from Yunnan.

I have made an inquiry to the company from the site to see if they can tell me what the exact name of the tea company.

drStout said

Hope, they will help. The reason you didn’t get my result is probably because you tried to google some text description, while I googled the photo itself. Yeah, google can do that as well. You can paste a url of the picture into the search line, hit enter and it will suggest searching not by text, but by the picture.

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The reddit sub forum for tea gets this question a lot. I have learned two things from it:

- These are almost always Iron Goddess (as yours appears to be) since that is a traditional gift over there
- The packaging often means nothing, since it’s common for teas to be packaged in random packaging that have nothing to do with the brand.

Thank you, Marzipan.

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