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I subscribed in April, and their website says the boxes ship the first week of each month. Should I have received a box yet? I’m due to be billed again on the 25th and haven’t gotten anything yet.

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Lala said

I would just email Caleb from handmade tea and ask. I subscribed for a few months and some of my shipments came late, but they always came.

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Hey there! Lala is right, emailing me is the best thing to do :) Marzipan, I actually think we already chatted via email earlier today but just to document it here we are running a liiiiittle behind for May. Should be out the door in a few days – had a bit of a shipping delay.

I really appreciate all my Handmade Tea customers, you guys rock! Truth be told, Handmade Tea shipments probably do vary in when they go out more than many subscription companies but I do want to reiterate Handmade Tea is just me! It means the world to me when y’all stick around and enjoy my blends!

Any other questions please feel free to email me! [email protected]

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