-Jessica- said

Samovar Teas

I am about to place an order with Samovar and was wondering if anyone knew of a promo code that they may have out?

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Ricky said

sencha and yelp2010 are the only ones that I recall that are still valid at the moment. Every once in a while they have those 20% discount codes.

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-Jessica- said

Thank you Ricky! I was entering in my shipping info and WOW is shipping expensive! I was just ordering samples, but now I think I might throw a tin of tea in there as well to make up for paying so much for shipping… Now which tin should I pick? I feel like a kid in a candy store, this is sad! LOL

You know…I thought that too, actually…I guess I just have a thing with spending more on shipping than product purchased or almost as much…and then I didn’t want to spend as much to get it free or make the shipping worth it at the time, ya know!? Maybe some day I will…lol…

-Jessica- said

Exactly! And then the one that I decided to purchase in a tin was the Osmanthus Silver Needle tea and it is $22 for a 2oz tin, not terrible I guess, but I would prefer the smaller/cheaper 1oz tin for $11since I have yet to try this one, but they are sold out of it :-( I am starting to go crazy on what to do… I can’t fathom paying so much for shipping and not be getting something in return that is worth it. Oye! Decisions, decisions! LOL

The shipping is what is holding me back from ordering from Samovar:(

Ricky said

$100 = Free Shipping :)

Add a few large tins and a few samplers and you’ll get there in no time.

@threewhales – ditto!
@Ricky – I don’t want to or should I say I can’t spend $100 on tea at the moment LOL

@TeaEqualsBliss – ditto, ditto:)

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-Jessica- said

Ok, I went with a large tin or the Osmanthus Silver Needle tea along with 3 samples… I hope this is some awesome tea that will knock my socks off! lol

Ricky said

I think Osmanthus Silver Needle is a great choice for the summer. Which three samplers did you purchase?

-Jessica- said

I hope so! The samples that I picked are:

Jasmine Peach Bai Mudan
Jasmine Pearls
Palace Pu-erh

I should have went ahead and got a couple more samples, but everything was adding up so fast with the shipping thrown in there! And if I did spend $100 on one order to get free shipping I wouldn’t had been able to sleep last night! hahaha ;-)

NICE! Enjoy!!! :P

KaTEA said

get some nighty night tea from traditional medicinals, its cheep, then you will be able to enjoy your awesome purchase…hee hee.

-Jessica- said

@KaTEA haha this is true! =)~

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$100 for free shipping is REALLY not competitive. Most companies give free shipping at $50.
I agree, shipping costs make me feel like it’s not worth ordering if I’m not getting free shipping, because I’d rather spend that minimum of $5 on tea! (Some companies charge $7 or more.)
I haven’t looked closely, but Samovar’s prices don’t seem too competitive in general; maybe that’s because they don’t import directly.

Pithy said

I would assume most tea companies who offer free shipping make up that cost by marking up the prices of their teas. Just like companies who offer free shipping after you purchase a certain amount hope to make up that cost in volume of sales. One way or another, you are paying for shipping.

For me, I wouldn’t let shipping costs deter me from getting a product I thought was good quality and fairly priced.

Yeah, I know they are getting the cost of shipping either way. It’s totally a mental thing.

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Thanks to everyone for your feedback on our teas, and our shipping rates. We are working hard to reduce the shipping – so please accept our apologies for the high rates. We’re still a small company sourcing from small farms, so we don’t yet have the scale to have low shipping rates. However, in the coming weeks, we will be doing some specials to radically lower our rates for a few weeks, so stay tuned! Thanks again, and, feel free to email me (Samovar’s Founder – Jesse) at [email protected], or, our web guru Tiffany (re: orders) at [email protected], anytime.

Thanks for reading, and posting.
-Jesse Jacobs

-Jessica- said

Awww I wish I knew you were about to have some specials before I placed my order! LOL, but thanks for the heads up, you have plenty of others that I want to try as well ;-)

Cofftea said

You could always throw in a Breville for free shipping:)

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Lori said

On the flip side- although the shipping costs are somewhat expensive, they package all of their teas in handsome tins…

And I’m in love with their blacks and pu erhs! Pretty much everyone I tried so far was stellar, as was the only oolong of theirs I’ve tried. And I have a lot of samples to look forward to. I don’t have trouble getting up to the $100 mark with these guys. No. I do not. Lol.

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