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Overall, I really enjoyed your site and have bookmarked it for future reference. Here are my initial impressions:

*The pictures are beautiful and I appreciate that you include both the dry leaf and the brewed liquid.
*I think that the information provided about the tea origins, tasting notes, and steeping parameters is very useful and easy to understand.
*I would like to see the flat rate shipping of $5.00 referred to on the front page of the website. I’m more likely to continue to look at a site if I know upfront that shipping wouldn’t be outrageous.
*It would be useful to have a link or reference to the areas that you are able to ship to on the front page.
*Since I am a black tea lover, I would love to see a selection of black teas included on your website.

I would also be interested in seeing a larger selection of herbal/caffeine-free teas.
*I realize you are just starting out, but I think that the inclusion of Japanese greens would lead to a more balanced selection.
*It would be nice to notate which oolongs are more oxidized (darker), I do not really care for greener oolongs and pictures can be deceiving when you are trying to decide.
*My initial impression of the price and sizes of your teas is that the prices are higher than I would normally buy, unless I knew for sure that I would really enjoy the tea. Perhaps a few sampler options would help to expose more people to your tea – and convince them that the price is more than worth it.
*The site was easy to navigate and I think that the basic design has great colors and clean lines.

Hey mrawlins2,
Thank you giving us your feedback. It seems like the shipping policy is a concern to many of you so I think this is definitely something that needs to be addressed. I also like the fact that you gave us your opinion about our prices. We will certainly consider re-evaluating our prices and look into offering sample sizes.



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Hello Everyone,

First of all, we would like to thank you all for your wonderful input! The overwhelming number of replies and the thoroughness of these replies surpassed beyond both of our expectations. In the next month, we will work hard on incorporating all of your wonderful suggestions to make our site more functional and effective!

My fiancee and I have went through the replies several times and have picked our winners based on what we found most helpful. The winners are Shiobicha, Rachana and AmazonV. For all others, to show our appreciation, we would like to offer you free shipping on your next order.

Thanks again everyone! We really appreciate your ideas and suggestions.

Jian & Keisa

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Thanks so much. I am excited to try out my tea sample and to see how the site looks after the changes are made.

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