We have to make a trip to Chicago to get my husband’s passport renewed. We are planning n making a fun trip of it, planning some nice meals (Spiaggia and Table 52), visiting some tea stores, etc.

We read online that the afternoon tea at The Drake is a thing to do, does anyone have any feedback on it, or would I find it disappointing?

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carol who said

I went to the Drake for an afternoon tea and enjoyed it very much. Of course, I was 8 and now I’m 62… so I don’t think that really counts. :-D

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I didn’t even know you could get an afternoon tea in Chicago and I live there. XD Well, suburbs. Lol.
You could check out Adagio Teas on State Street. They have an outdoor area you can go check out and you can book a tea tasting with them if you check the website. (They also have Groupons for cheaper tastings that also get you a free teapot, which is pretty nice.)

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