Great Canadian Travelling Tea Box - Round 3 - Sign ups CLOSED - June 2014

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Lala said

OK so here is the list of participants for the box. I have put them in the order of how the box will go out. If anyone wants to be changed to a different spot, please let me know.

Also, if anyone is willing/wants to ship to the US please let me know. I have no problems shipping to US.

Jewelled Thumb US (honourary Canadian)
Whatshesaid NB
Christina ON
Variatea ON
AshleyElizabeth BC
Jillian BC
Kirlika AB
Dexter MB
Ubacat ON
Calla ON
Sil ON
me (Lala)SK

I live in New Brunswick so I don’t know if the order would be better keeping it in order from east to west or vice versa? That would make it cheaper too wouldn’t it? Rather than jumping around :)

However maybe you guys have a system already!

Lala said

I didn’t really put it in any order as I knew I would be changing it around a bit based on who could have the box when and who has already swapped with who, etc. So I updated it to kind of swing back and forth across Canada. We will see how this version goes… :)

Right on!
As long as I have it before the end of September because I’m going away then :)

Lala said

OK Whatshesaid, I will try to keep you closer to the top. The box took about 6 months to get back to me this last time with 10 people in the mix.

Kirlika said

Just a heads up, I’m in and out of town during July… given the timelines involved (and when you send it out) there might be a slight waiting period before I have a chance to pick it up.

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Lala said

Hey Team,
Just looking for feedback from everyone else. I want to get this box out shortly. If I could get some comments from the rest of the group so I know we are clear to start, that would be great!

Ubacat said

All is okay with me. Do you need me to send you my address?

Lala said

Ubacat – You don’t have to send your address to me. What we will do is once the order is finalized I will ask everyone to follow to people before and after you in the list. Then you can PM your addresses that way when it is time to send the box on.

I agree with the commenter above (whatshesaid) about it making more sense to have the box go in the same direction across the country, so that people don’t have to pay as much for shipping. But I also recognize that shipping the box along a more zigag route would allow variety. Not sure what to recommend here.

Ubacat said

Great! Is this for all teas? Any teas anyone is looking to taste?

Jillian said

I think it could still be possible to switch up the swapping combinations and still ship the box the same way across the country. It would save people postage fees and likely be quicker for one. For instance you’ve got Whatshesaid in New Brunswick shipping to me in British-Columbia – that’s literally across the entire continent! Surely we can manage something a bit more efficient than that!

Dexter said

I’m in and looking forward to the box. I am still respectfully requesting being in the latter half of the order. I just have quite a bit going on in the next little bit. Other than that I’m pretty open about the order. Whatever works for the group works for me.

Lala said

OK I updated the order a bit. I moved Dexter closer to the end (if that doesn’t work still, please let me know).

I tried to keep it more geographical but it doesn’t work too well when trying to consider everyones needs for timelines of when they can participate. It should be a bit more streamline now.

Please let me know if anyone else needs to be changed in the order.

vc said

I’m OK with shipping wherever and the order looks good now – going across Canada twice. Will have to buy more teas in order to contribute to the box (yay good excuse!)

Dexter said

Thanks for moving me down Lala. :)) The new order looks good to me.

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Lala said

Hi all,
I am just waiting to hear back from Jewelled Thumb to make sure that being first on the list will work for her.

There will be two themes for this box.
1. Your all time favorite tea. You know the one you hoard and never want to share. Please include at least one serving of one of your favorite teas.

2. Thanks to Kirlika, the second theme will be: better iced than hot. If possible, please include some teas that are really good iced/cold brewed.

Dexter said

Awesome. What to include that I’m hoarding? hmmmm I have a few, will be able to find something.
I also have several local teas that are FANTASTIC cold brewed. Will include some of those – will fit the theme of this box and make up for the lack of them in the last round. :))

I haven’t gotten a message from you, so I’m not sure what’s up with Steepster, but I’m absolutely fine with being first! Thanks for making me a honorary Canadian. =)

Lala said

Hey JeweledThumb – I sent you a PM yesterday. Just wanted to post here to make sure it didn’t get lost with the other one.

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Lala said

Hey everyone,
Just getting the box ready to send out. I am hoping to have it out to Jewelled Thumb on Friday or Saturday.

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Lala said

Hey all,
Getting this box out and in the mail has been a comedy of errors. But it was put in the mail today (June 5, 2014), on the way to Jeweled Thumb!! The box weight 1.246 kg.

So in getting this box ready I got all the teas tetris’ed in there, which took three attempts. Then I taped it up, forgetting to put the tea diary back in. So I untaped it, put the diary back in and taped it up, addressed it, etc. Then I realized I had forgotten to put some tea back into it. So the diary says I tried Green Mandarin Orange by Tea Cupany, but really I kept it. Then the power went out, so I thought why not head out to the post office, nothing else to do. Forgetting that with the power out my automatic garage door will not open. Now this garage door has been broken forever, the springs don’t work properly. Normally if the power was out you can manually lift it up. But because of the springs, it won’t stay up on its own and just crashes back down. I do have a complicated system where I can lift it up and hold it open with some pieces of lumbar, but I am not very tall and it is a big ordeal. So I was stuck until the power came back on. So I finally got to the post office and find out there are new rules regarding sending parcels outside of the country. WTF!! You have to know exactly, and I was told EXACTLY, how much and the weight of the items, not including the box and packaging. And I was to fill this all out at home on my computer (whether I have one or not) and then bring it in to them so they can re-input it all into their computers. And they are going to charge if I don’t do this. And of course, they felt no need to somehow let anyone know this was happening.

But I finally got the box out for round 3!

Here is what is in the box:
Purple Tea of Kenya – Butiki
Irish Cream Cheesecake – Butiki
Premium Taiwanese Assam – Butiki

Egyptian Chammomile – Fairmont Hotels and Resorts
Sencha Green – Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

Rooibos Provence – The Tea Emporium

Peach Apricot Honeybush – The Tea Granny

Smores Genmaicha – 52 Teas
Banana Grape Shu Mei – 52 Teas
Bettea’s Blend – 52 Teas
Dreamicle Pu’erh – 52 Teas

Razzleberry _ SBT Iced
Pink Lemonade – SBT Iced

The Emporer’s Pu’erh – Della Terra
Carrot Cake – Della Terra
Key Lime Pie – Della Terra
Organic Makaibari Darjeeling – Della Terra

Berry Basil Blast – Teavana
Spiced Apple Cider – Teavana

Peppermint Bark – Capital Teas

Hunny Rooibos – Empress Tea House

Organic Mint Cacao – Herbal Tea

Earl Grey Decaf – Twinnings Lala’s FAV
The Lady Earl Grey – Twinnings

Caramel Vanilla – Republic of Tea
Acai Green – Republic of Tea
Comfort and Joy – Republic of Tea
Gingerbread – Republic of Tea

Demain – Nina’s Paris
Tigre Blanc – Nina’s Paris Lala’s FAV

Sweet Cherry – Tea Cupany

Rooibos and Lemongrass – Intaba Tea of Africa

Japanese Sour Cherry – Silk Road

Caramel Cream Ceylon – International House of Tea
Cinnamon Orange Yerba Mate – International House of Tea
Earl Grey Rooibos – International House of Tea
Sencha Gingko – International House of Tea
Sencha Mango – International House of Tea
Cherry Blossom – International House of Tea
Milk Oolong – International House of Tea

Pomegranate and Rosehips – Unknown

Organic African Nector – Mighty Leaf Tea

Maple Chai – Naked Leaf
Spiced Green – Naked Leaf

Honey Vanilla White – Celestial Seasonings

Transiberian Chai – Camelia Sinesis

Refreash Mint – Tazo Tea
Vanilla Rooibos – Tazo Tea

Winter’s Blend – Tealish
Sweetie Pie Rooibos – Tealish

Green Tea – Kirkland

Evergreen – Boreal Forest Teas

Fireside Chat Rooibos – Cornelia Bean
Chocolate Kisses Mint – Cornelia Bean
Outrageous Chocolate – Cornelia Bean
Chocolate Kisses Chili – Cornelia Bean

Valentines – Adagio

Strawberry Splash – Tealux

The New Yorker – Cesar’s Tea

Maple – Canada True

Pistachio Cream – Davids Tea
Organic Cold 911 – Davids Tea
White Chocolate Frost – Davids Tea
Persian Apple – Davids Tea
Tropicalia – Davids Tea
Crème de Menthe – Davids Tea
Stormy Night – Davids Tea
Coconut Oolong – Davids Tea
Strawberry White – Davids Tea
Love Elixer for Him – Davids Tea
Cocoberry – Davids Tea
Mint Julep – Davids Tea
Earl of Lemon – Davids Tea
Buddha’s Blend – Davids Tea
Sleigh Ride – Davids Tea
Second Flush Darjelling – Davids Tea
Dragon Pearls – Davids Tea
Organic Golden Pu-erh – Davids Tea
White Peony – Davids Tea
Grape Expectations – Davids Tea

Organic Superfine Dragon Well Long Jing – Teavivre
Organic Nonpariel She Qian Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea – Teavivre

Panda Pearls – Metropolitan Tea Company
Bamboo – Harney and Sons
Tilleul – Harney and Sons

Lord Bergamot – Steven Smith Lala’s FAV

Jillian said

Oh wow that sounds awesome – I hope there’s some of those teas left when it gets to me!

Ubacat said

Wow! That’s a LOT of teas! And a lot of trouble getting it out. I’m sure it will be all worth it when it makes it’s way back to you. Thanks for organizing this.

Yay! I cannot wait. =)

Sorry it was such a pain to get out! You know you could have waited a day or two.

Lala said

Hey. I thought I better get it sent out as I had time. I am sure everything, minus the power outage, would have been the same no matter which day I sent it out. I am just happy to see around round get started.

How does a person become an honorary Canadian? :)

Lala said

Jewelled Thumb participated in our round 2 as an international participant as we did not have enough Canadian participants. So that is how I bestowed the honourary Canadianship upon her. Ha ha. It’s very official you know.

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Lala said

Attention Everyone:

: please remember to follow the person before and after you so you can PM about addresses when the time comes.
: I have added a second tea diary to the box, they are labelled “one” and “two”. Please use book one until it is full then move on to book two.
: If anyone needs to move shipping order please let me know.
: Please update this thread when the box is received and when it is being sent out. Thanks!

The order of participants is located in the topic of this thread.

: Enjoy!

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vc said

I have a newbie question: in general, how much of each tea should go into the box? I only have small-ish sizes (10-30g) of most things so I want to make sure I have enough, or purchase more, to contribute :)

VariaTEA said

Usually you should try to put in as much as you take out. However, it doesn’t all need to be of the same tea. For instance, you could take out 30g of tea and then put 5g samples of six different teas or 10g samples of 3 different teas.

vc said

Ok cool, just wanted to make sure it’s ok to put in little sample sizes of things. Thanks!

Lala said

When you get the box you will see what kind of teas/sizes are in there. Some are very large samples, some are just 1 cup samples :)

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Lala said

By tracking, it appears that Jewelled Thumb has received the box. Yeah for making it through customs!

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I do have it! I’ve been crazy with work and stuff, but I hope that doesn’t impact my turn around time.

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Oh nm, the rules say 1 week, Lala, do you want me to just send it off without trying anything?

I’m not in a rush, if you want to take another week that’s fine by me (though I obviously can’t speak for everyone else down the line)

Lala said

the one week rule is not so much of a rule but more a guideline. ha ha. this is not fight club or anything. (rule 1: you do not talk about the travelling box, rule 2: you do not talk about the travelling box). if you need to keep it for a few more days I am ok with that.

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