Northwest Tea Festival Seattle WA Oct 2-3, 2010

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I was going to attend, however, the cost of attending was going to be my belated birthday present… I had a choice between the Breville, this festival, or an art class taught by Michael deMeng. I chose the art class with Michael deMeng… and I am so glad I did!

But I am glad you enjoyed yourself. I do wish I could have gone to that too, but, we are currently putting my oldest daughter through cosmetology school… not cheap.

Ah well… there will be other festivals, I am sure!

i think that was def. best for you, it was small and only 10 people per class so most attendees didn’t get to go to any classes. that was my major disappointment – hopefully next year is bigger and better!

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amandajo said

Does anyone know if there is a calendar somewhere with tea festivals and their dates? I did a search earlier and only found one that I would have had to pay $25 to view!

Cofftea said

Here lists a few you could look up individually

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