Different Companies but The Same Tea

Hello Steepsters!

I have a question, about the Teas, here at Steepster.
Shall I create a new Tea in the database, if I find another Tea in the database, with the same ingredients, but different companies and logos?

I’ve created a new Tea in the database called Cream Tea ( http://steepster.com/teas/roskilde-vin-and-specialiteter/13634-cream-tea ), and the other Tea already in the database is called Vanilla Tea ( http://steepster.com/teas/subtle-tea/443-vanilla-cream ).

Another Tea that I gonna create is English Caramel Tea, but there is already the Same Tea ( http://steepster.com/teas/tea-for-all-reasons/9940-english-caramel ), in the database, but with another company than where/the Tea I bought.

Thank you in advance, and thanks for this awesome community website! :-)

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i would create them, as people who are unaware they are the same will be searching under the name they purchased it

i am sure it would be appreciated and helpful if you noted what you found in your notes

Okay, I’ll do that tonight.

But what do you mean with, note what I found in my notes?

when you do your tasting note for each go ahead and put your findings in it, sorry for not being clear

Sure, I will!
But I think, I will be the only one to drink it, because I bought it on Ro’s Torv (a mall) in Roskilde, Denmark. ;-)

The Shop/Company is called Roskilde Vin & Specialiteter.
Link: http://butik.rvsp.dk/

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I would say to create a new one for both as well. It could be the same ingredients but maybe they used different measurements of those ingredients to make it a different taste!? Never know…plus…the more the merrier – at least that’s the way I think! :P

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It is so interesting that the time to make the tea is referred to “drag time” and not “steep time.”. However, I do agree with it. Sometimes it does feel like time is dragging when you are waiting for a tea to be ready to drink. :-)

Hehe, You are right. :-D
I will edit it to Steep Time!

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