Picture (and text) of the spring harvest in China

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This time of year I scour the internet looking for in-depth pictures of what’s going on in China regarding the spring harvest. Although my understanding is that the spring harvest in China is basically over (at least for the teas that will get exported), enjoying the bounty of spring Chinese teas is that much more meaningful to me in learning about how the harvest went this spring. So, in the hopes others are of a similar mind, I decided to share with a few links to sites that I judge do a great job with pictures and/or text to chronicle what’s been happening with the spring harvest in China:

World Tea News (by Austin Hodge of Seven Cups): http://www.worldteanews.com/news/qing-ming-2014-report

Notes from Zhuping of Seven Cups: http://www.sevencups.com/2014/04/field-notes-wuyishan-wulong/

Verdant Tea (the article is focused on their own teas, but there are a few interesting notes about the harvest): http://verdanttea.com/spring-update-from-the-fields/

This is a link to Teavivre’s travel log with awesome pictures (I looked to see if Angel had posted a discussion on Steepster about this, and I couldn’t find it, so I included a link here): http://www.teavivre.com/news/visit-hangzhou-tea-garden/?cy=9263

I found the following blog—Dragon’s Well—through a link from Gingko’s Blog (http://gingkobay.blogspot.com/). This post has great pictures and even steps us through how tea is made (check out that rail system): http://thedragonswell.blogspot.com/2014/05/cheong-seok-gol-2014-making-gu-jeung-gu.html (I’m not certain, but I believe the tea farm in the post is in Korea?)

At the bottom of this Chinese webpage you can step through the photos (there are six) http://www.china.org.cn/photos/2014-04/02/content_31975835_2.htm

Here are a bunch of pictures I found on China Daily’s website (these also have multiple photos):

Here are a couple of related articles about the price of Longjing in 2014:
Austin Hodge of Seven Cups: http://www.sevencups.com/2014/05/the-price-of-longjing/#idc-container
World Tea News: http://www.worldteanews.com/news/frugality-policy-cuts-long-jing-prices-third

If you have any other great pictures/articles about this years harvest—even if they are about the harvest in countries other than China—please feel free to post them here!

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