Award winning Dong Dong Jin Xuan Oolong, only 20 bags available.

We were lucky to get 20 bags (150 gram bags) of this tea. Well, 21 but we’re drinking one ourselves.

We’re offering 1st dibs to our newsletter subscribers tomorrow (monday). Sign up here to get notified:

This tea received the award-winning rank of placing within the top 2.5% of the 280 overall entries is a spring 2014 competition, making it one of the top 8 entries.

The leaves were processed specifically in preparation for the competition and were oxidized to a degree that would accommodate roasting (25-35% oxidation) in the making of a Dong Ding Oolong style tea.

A total of 330 pounds of tea were made from that day’s batch and only 7 pounds remained from what was entered into the competition.
Eco-Cha purchased the entire 7 remaining pounds of this award winning tea. This is a true limited edition.

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Arshness said

I signed up and would like to try a sample but the site said it’d send an email to verify and it’s not arriving. I don’t want to miss out… Is there something I can do to resend it?

Ubacat said

I did the same. Not getting an email

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Hi Arshness and Ubacat,

Thanks for signing up! It looks like you may have singed up around 5pm, we sent out the newsletter with this tea at 11am, so you might have just missed it.

No problem though, there are still (as of posting this) a few bags left. Here’s a direct link to the tea:

Hope you see this, and enjoy the tea!

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