Mans tea in Beer

So thanks to this site, I just discovered that beer flavored tea is a thing:P haha. My brother is graduating college in two weeks and I’d love to get him some for his graduation! Unfortunately, it looks like it isn’t made anymore… :/ I was wondering if you guys have any in your stashes or know where I could possibly get some. Thank you!!:]

(I would also like to get some for my dad, too.)

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yyz said

I don’t have any of this tea, but Butiki has to teas containing hops. Maybe one of them might be suitable.

Thank you! They are a bit of beer purist…so additional flavors probably won’t suit them.. but I do have some friends that would love these teas^.^

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Oh, I can’t help but refer you to my review of Butiki’s Peach Hoppitea because you mentioned it’s for your brother :-) Here’s a glimpse at what my own brother thought of my genius idea six months ago:

And I forgot to mention, I think it’s very sweet of you to try to find something special for your brother and father :-)

Oh my gosh! That is hilarious!!! hahaha
“…I have rootbeer tea, does that count?”
“Sis, you need to see a doctor, really. I worry. It’s bad. Addictions need to be treated.” <— This made me laugh hysterically:P

Thank you! . They both know that I drink tea like crazy, so thought they would appreciate the craziness of the tea world! :P

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Cwyn said

How about beer with a tea taste, rather than tea with beer taste? Like maybe Bhakti Chai Ale?

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