It's my birthday! Show me some love with 20% off! :D

It’s my birthday today! Celebrate with me with a 20% off coupon for today only!

Use coupon code HAPPYBIRTHDAY for 20% off your full purchase from :)

Enjoy, and have a lovely day!

All the best,
Brenden Gebhart
Owner and Tea Mixologist
Whispering Pines Tea Company

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Happy happy birthday!

So I love Elder Grove. What would I also love?

Thanks so much, Marzipan! :) I’ve been enjoying every minute of it!

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boychik said

Happy Birthday Brenden! Enjoy your day

Thanks! You too! :D

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Happy Birthday Brenden! Hope the moving went well…

(Are you trying to lure me to order for a third time in only 30 days?? You know how easy that is…)

The move was flawless! :)

And no…absolutely not…I wouldn’t dare! ;)

I will state though that anyone that reads this has the option to order Golden Orchid today and wait for a week until the new (highest grade available) Madagascar vanilla beans arrive…. :)

Glad everything went well :-)

Ok, really? Like, I just ran out of Golden Orchid yesterday!!! you are making this so darn tempting sir… I might consider a smaller order this time then…(but am I even capable of that?)

I have faith in your ability to make a small order! :)

I do not have faith in my ability to keep stuff in stock. I’m so terrible at it. haha

Ok Mister, I just placed my “so called” small oder! Thanks for the birthday coupon :-)

Can you please put me on that waiting list of yours for the new batch of Golden Orchid? Madagascar vanilla beans are totally worth waiting for, so yum!

It was a good try! :) Yep, I’ve set your order aside for the arrival of the new vanilla! Definitely worth waiting for!

It was, wasn’t it???

Thanks, looking forward to try this new version of Golden Orchid!

:) Not sure if you’ve been buying from me for long enough to notice, but I change things on tea blends quite often…I’m constantly on the search for a better version of everything I use in my teas, so generally anytime a tea gets changed it tastes quite a bit better :)

Lol, I’ve only been buying from you for a little over a month, and you’re already improving one of my favourite! I think it’s great that you always try to make your product better, it shows how passionate you are about your craft :-)

I’m glad you like the way I run things here :)

Have a lovely night!

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SarsyPie said

OK, Brenden, Tea Mixologist. I’m buying your delicious tea, but I’ll have you know that I’m still a little teary-eyed because you are out of the Bi Luo Chun Yunnan Black.

Also, I see from other comments that your move went well. This is great news, as I may need a place to crash when my boyfriend kicks me out for buying more tea. :)

Happy birthday!

Haha, the kettle is always on if that were to happen! :)

Also, new vanilla beans are on the way. Do you want me to hold your order until they arrive for your Golden Orchid? It would ship the middle of next week.

SarsyPie said

Sure, that sounds fine. I’ll just drink the WP teas from my last order til then :)

Perfect :) If you drink them all before the new stuff gets in and then replace them all in the cabinet you have your teas in…maybe your boyfriend won’t notice ;)

SarsyPie said

A covert operation. I like it.

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MzPriss said

Happy Birthday Brenden! I’m glad you were born, both for your own nice self and selfishly cause I get to have awesome tea. You’ll get my order soon.

Haha, you rock! :)

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Cavocorax said

Oh no! How many hours until this expires? I’m away from the house but am very tempted,by this…

Happy birthday too!

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I generally don’t set an automatic expiration on my coupons, so pretty much whenever I get around to removing the coupon code tomorrow! :P

So no rush, the coupon code will await your order! :-)

Cavocorax said

Ahahahah! That’s awesome. Thanks!

Not a worry in the world! :D

Cavocorax said

Looks like I missed out on Sleeping Bear (judging from the banner?) but I’ve got 2 oz of Golden Orchid to console myself with. :D And that means I’ll be back later. We all win.

Whew! I was reading through the comments kicking myself for not seeing this yesterday and then I read this.:) Thanks for keeping the coupon up for a while.

Happy belated birthday, Brenden!!! Also, congratulations on the move!

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Seriously, all of you are awesome. Just putting that out there!

Awesomeness attracts awesomeness…it’s called the rules of attraction :-)

Ahh… “The Secret” :-) I refer to it as “The Law of Attraction” and it runs every single aspect of my life flawlessly!

Manifestation is a powerful thing. Right now I’m manifesting sleep, so I’m off to bed. Hehe, have a good night!

Lol, sorry. that’s what I meant, should have known, in French, we say “la loi de l’attraction” and that book, Le Secret, has been on my night stand for a few years now… Good night!

It truly is the answer to everything in life. I feel like those that know and use The Secret have drastically more awesome lives :)

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Goodnight everyone, and thanks for being a part of my awesome birthday! :D

Anyone still interested in this sale, you can go ahead and make your orders still. If you have questions about anything, I’ll answer them in the morning and then you can still take advantage of the coupon :)

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Happy birthday and thanks for providing us with some of the awesomest teas!!!

Too bad I made an order last Friday :D Perhaps next year my payday will coincide with your birthday better, LOL.

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I’m just seeing this now, but I hope you had the best birthday yesterday!

I had an awesome birthday! :) The coupon code is still active, by the way :)

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