It's my birthday! Show me some love with 20% off! :D

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twingles3 said

Thanks Brenden! Glad you had a happy birthday! I placed my first order with you last night! I am excited to try the 3 teas I ordered but especially the sunlight! I love to cold brew and I am anxious to see how your blend taste!

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Oh bummer, I just saw this. I’ve been wanting to try your tea for so long. It all sounds absolutely wonderful. Any idea when North Winds will be back in stock? I’ve had my eye on it, Golden Orchid and Port. I just need to place the darn order already and stop ogling the tea online.

Anyways, happy late birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful one!

Ohh thanks for the reminder! North Winds actually is back in stock as of 2 hours ago :) Updating the page now!

And thanks, I have a lovely birthday!

Let me know if you’ve got any other questions I can help you with!


SarsyPie said

Oh dang. Did you already ship me? I wanted some NW!

Dohh I JUST shipped your order like 20 minutes ago :(

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SarsyPie said

Oh bummer. Maybe next time!

For sure! It’s not a tea that I let run low very often…I just had a bit of a spike in sales and it sold out…so it should be there next time you go to order! :)

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