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I just brought 3 tea pets on the site as I cant find any good ones in the UK.
(Dragon, 2 tiny dog things and a dragon turtle) I kept on and on at them about packing it well and giving me a tracking number as I read up about Umi teasets on here before hand.
It was the same woman on chat every time (good sign) and she gave me a tracking number. They did send it with a very cheap flight company but it arrived in about 3-4 weeks with Royal mail.
Opened it with baited breath….All is ok and they are gorgeous! Nice an heavy and sooo cute!
I would actually buy from them again for maybe something bigger next time.

boychik said

when did you join the Steepster? Just now ?

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Yes I joined after my parcel arrived from Umi as I thought my experience might help ppl :-)

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agnpa said

An absolute JOKE. Problems with communication with the seller, problems with receiving any order details, problems with the refund after receiving a fully damaged item – they requested the faulty parcel to be sent back to China to consider the refund but without covering the shipping fees on their behalf. On top of everything the tea set that arrived looked rather mediocre, far to expensive for the quality they promise. Over two weeks of frustration ended with the damaged item. Now it’s a battle to get money back. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID.

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iBrarian said

I just got scammed by Umi. Sent me an apparently used kettle (no box, no instructions), bottom electrical element doesn’t even fit the pot AND the cord, which they promised me in chat was North American, was Asian. The same (probably fake) “woman” on chat wouldn’t help me with getting a refund either. Stay away.

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LucidiTea said

I got scammed by these guys (umiteasets) as well. I ordered two tea pets, but they only sent one and wouldn’t refund the full amount for the other. When I protested to Paypal they just showed that they did ship it and offered a partial refund for something they NEVER sent! When I again requested the full refund ONLY for the item they never sent I was told that they’d give me a full refund if I sent the other item back AT MY OWN cost! Shipping to China at cheapest cost would be more than either item I paid for. Super sketchy company. Be wary!

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Nicole said

I haven’t had any issues and I’ve placed multiple orders with them over the past year. A cup arrived with a tiny chip and they sent a replacement right away with no hassles. Communication has always been great – one of the times I was browsing the site for items to match a cha hai purchased from them a chat rep came on and offered help. I explained what I was looking for, she told me they had the whole set, just not online at that time. Quoted me a price, sent me an invoice through Paypal and the set arrived in a lovely packaging about a month later. But, that’s only my experiences with them. Others have obviously had different ones.

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i have never heard of them until now. so i have no experience with them

this one looks just awesome!

AllanK said

Some of their stuff looks interesting but I think they have too much negative press on here for me to be willing to order anything.

i just saw someone got scammed.. so i wont order from them

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I just ordered two cups from them as a test. One of the two cups came broken. Their policy is that you need to ship it back to china and they need to receive it, shipping costs yours, before they send you a replacement. I’ve emailed them with pics of what they sent me hoping they’ll send me a replacement without the hassle…we’ll see… they Als have a policy that you should check condition of the product before you sign for it. But it came regular post and did not require a signature

MrQuackers said

Chinese mail?

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