What makes a Yixing teapot Authentic?

We are extremely passionate about traditional Chinese culture. We love everything which is elegant and refined. Yixing (or Zisha) teapots, also known as purple clay teapots, have slowly become an integral part of drinking culture in China and went on developing all around the world.

We started collecting Yixing teapots decades ago.
We aim to stock a variety of real Yixing teapot wares with different high quality clay, therefor most of our selected teapots are unique made.
We welcome anyone to join us, discuss the beauty and value of our teapots and if you have your own teapot we will be happy to evaluate it.

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So what makes a Yixing teapot authentic?

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Cwyn said

I looked at your website, and the Bamboo Section pot for $150. I have a Yixing covered mug with the exact same design and paid only $28 for it. Glad to know mine is genuine! It is molded, however, not hand thrown, so I think I paid a fair price.

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to madametj: please read our information on our website https://www.authenticyixing.com/how-to-identify.html

To Cwyn: glad to hear you are a Yixing lover. Molded version of Yixing varies from USD 15 to USD 50 usually. It always depends on how well/detailed it was crafted. Feel free to ask me any questions, I will be pleased to reply.

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I have a question about the Yixing teapots at Enjoying Tea. They are almost free! Does this mean that they may contain something poisonous?

What are possible contaminants? Does anyone have any experience with this company and/or know anything about the radical disparities in price on various Yixing teapots?

I know that with tetsubin, the Japanese-made pots are quite a bit more expensive than the Chinese ones. I have a couple Japanese tetsubin, but also a few Chinese, and I have been happy with them. Before purchasing them, I made sure that they were certified lead-free pots. Now I am wondering whether there might be a similar danger with Yixing pots?

Thanks for any help on these questions!

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