Teapop! How do you make it?

It’s getting hotter now that summer is starting, and I’ve tried experimenting and making teapop for myself! So pretty much tea flavoured soda.

I know there’s preparations on how to make teapop on the DAVIDs site, but I was wondering what proportions other people use and how long they steep the tea for? I weigh my tea and I honestly don’t know how much 4 perfect spoonfuls would translate into grams… and I sorta feel like 4 spoonfuls are a bit much?
And carbonated water vs. club soda vs. seltzer water vs. tonic water? Does it make a difference!?

Ahh I’m just so clueless right now. Definitely experimenting, and the two that I’ve tried was not exactly a fail (it’s still drinkable!!), but it’s definitely not as flavourful as typical hot tea or a cold brew. So yeah. If anyone has tried making teapop on their own and have perfected it to their liking, I’d love to know how you prepare yours! Maybe your preparations would work for me as well :)

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Mandy said

Well, I have a soda stream, so basically a water carbonator, and the syrups are all super concentrated, so 4 spoonfuls might be right. Try making like a really small batch with those proportions on DAVIDs website maybe? Or, try cold steeping in the carbonated water. Try making a tea flavored simple syrup and add that to the carbonated water. Try sticking the tea in the freezer to cool it down faster, and then add less ice so that its not diluted. Dang, now I really need to exchange my empty tank so I can experiment too.

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