The Steepster Birthday Thread

Hey everyone, it’s my birthday! It gave me an idea. Why don’t we keep a running list of everyone’s birthday’s? That way we can wish each other a happy birthday and I’d love to send out some tea treats on birthdays as well! I’ll start the list off with my birthday. Just comment and I’ll add yours :)


February 6- Kittylovestea
February 8- Sandra Vdplaats
February 9- Arshness
February 20- carol who
February 23- Thomas Edward(Toad)

March Madness!
March 4- Suziqzer
March 8- Hillel
March 12- lolainred
March 13- Marzipan
March 13- Roswell Strange
March 15- indigobloom
March 15- VarieTEA
March 19- hippiechick 42
March 20- Sarsonator
March 20- boychik
March 20- Megan
March 22- teamaniac
March 28- TheTeaFairy

April 21- Angrboda

May 2- Dinosara
May 9- KiwiDelight
May 11- Short Sorceress
May 24- Shadowfall
May 28- Ubacat

June 16- madametj
June 24- Nattie
June 27- Cheri

July 5- Cavocorax
July 10- TraceyC
July 13- Sil
July 19- Jason
July 25- Stacy of Butki Teas

August 21- christeana1
August 28- Michelle

September 12- Tea Pet
September 15- Virginia
September 17- Mandy
September 19- Christina
September 19- Starfevre
September 30- Skysamurai

October 8- Lariel
October 9- Ost
October 13- jump62359
October 19- AJ
October 19- Jennkay
October 20- JennyFur
October 25- TheKesser
October 25- The Cookie Lady
October 27- twingles3
October 31- mj1851

November 7- Awkward Soul
November 19- Amanda Wilson
November 21- Flyawaybirdie
November 24- Tealizzy
November 26- AnnaEA
November 29- kimquat

December 17- QueenofTarts
December 17- albertocanfly
December 29- Tea junkie
December 29- Cameron B.

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Mandy said

September 17th (I’ll be 21 so last big birthday for a while. Growing up is weird)

Super cute idea too, makes it feel like even more of a community here (:


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Ost said

Ah, I like this idea! :P Then you could send someone tea without them even knowing! And they’ll be surprised which will be even better :O
Oh and mine is October 9th.

That’s the idea! :)

Ost said

Happy Birthday, btw! Hope you had a wonderful day! (:

Hello follow October kid.

thank you :)

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Happ B-day. Mine is October 8th.

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carol who said

Wonderful idea!

Mine is Feb. 20 and don’t even ask what year!


That’s my mums bday!!

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Cheri select said

Happy Birthday! June is a great month for a birthday.

Mine is June 27.

Happy birthday Cheri!!! Hope you had a wonderful day :-)

Cheri how do u pronounce your name? Mine is Cherri and my parents pronounce it Shuree, but I have always gone by the pronunciation of Sherry.

Cheri select said

It’s pronounced like Sherry.

Legally, it’s Cheryl. My parents agreed to name me Sherry, but then my dad decided that it wasn’t a “name to go into the professional world with” and so they compromised and made it Sheryl, but then my dad said that you can’t spell Sheryl with an S only a C, so it became Cheryl, and they decided to spell the name I go by as Cheri. And no one calls me Cheryl ever.

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Cavocorax said

July 5th! What a fun idea!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAVO!! Have a fantastic day!!!

Cavocorax said

Thanks guys! :D (Tea Fairy & MJ)

Cavocorax said

And thanks Madametj! :O (Sorry I left you out!)

lol its ok :P

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Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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kimquat said

November 29th. I hope you had a lovely birthday!

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Lol. Mine just passed by on May 24.

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Angrboda said

Happy birthday.

April 21st.

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