David said

Assam / Keemun Blend Quantities ?

What a brilliant website !!!!

I’m just about to attempt to blend my first ever tea. I’ve got some Assam and some Keemun – but have entirely no idea what quantities to use.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Usually 1 tsp to 8 oz water.

David said

Thanks. I was wondering about the quantities to use of the two different teas. Is it a 50/50 mix – or perhaps something different ?

I think it’s what you like, I’m partial to Assam over Keemun so for me it would be heavy on Assam.

I have never blended tea before. This would be fun to take some of the black teas I own and try to make my own breakfast blend. I will be interested to see what folks have to say.

Uniquity said

Different proportions will yield different flavours – experiment! I would start 50/50, then if you want a bit more kick add more assam. If it’s too bitter or strong, add more keemun.

In general, assam is bold, malty, strong and bitter. Keemun tends to be strong as well, but less likely to be bitter. Might have cocoa notes, or fruit, or smoke. I prefer Keemun, but that’s just me.


David said

Thanks for all the helpful advice.

How wonderful that I’m in England and I’m getting all this help from North America about TEA !!!!!

It’s occurred to me to use a one-cup tea infuser to test out different proportions one at a time, rather than just combining large quantities of tea together and risking getting it wrong.


Uniquity said

Definitely the way to go!

If you’re in England, do you tend to sweeten your teas? I sweeten mind, and that might be why I prefer the Assam – I don’t find it bitter at all. It’s just malty, strong, sometimes like sweet potatoes, and very yummy.

David said

Hi Marzipan.

Personally I take a little sugar in my tea too, so have never thought of Assam as bitter. It does seem though that fewer & fewer people over here now take sugar in their tea or coffee (ooops ! Am I allowed to say the ‘c’ word on this website ?!?).

So do Americans not usually sweeten their tea then ?

Tea purists don’t, but many of us admit to it. Especially if we are from the south where sweet tea is a “thing.”

Mandy said

I’ve only had about 3 teas before that I didn’t feel the need to sweetened. I have a sweet tooth 3 inches long, so otherwise I sweeten all my teas.

Uniquity said

I never sweeten my tea but I am Canadian, if there is a difference culturally. I think most people sweeten theirs but since I don’t use sugar, I don’t think of it. Good point!

David said

Sounds like The South is the place for me then !

So few people in England seem to take sugar now, that I almost feel embarrassed to have to ask for it when visiting friends sometimes. And then quite often they have to search around the kitchen as no-one has asked for it for 5 years – before finally offering maybe caster sugar (or even icing sugar !?) as that is all they have !

David….Im a Southerner who’s mother was very English…ha!..Never know what you’l get with us Yanks. What was your final determination: i received a Harney Supreme Breakfast Blend but am finding the tea inferior to the quantities of awarded organic Assam and Keemun i bought on my own; i like a ‘full cuppa’ without the tanic bitterness of darjeeling nor the flatness of some Chinas…though they always please me….perhaps knowing that a measuring spoon and a good teapot is all that is needed ill start adjusting…i believe these two are most complimentary…and even buying the best of each…is cheaper than the ‘name’ blends…if your still on…a brief reply…thx mjm

SimplyJenW said

I am with Uniquity as I prefer a blend more heavy in Keemun. I don’t typically drink Assam on its own, but it does lend the perfect amount of kick to a breakfast tea when blending it with Keemun. I have a blend that I make that is usually 2 parts Keemun, 2 parts Yunnan, and 1 part Assam.

David said

Well I had my first attempt at blending the Assam and the Keemun today – and it turns out that you & Uniquity were exactly right ! The 50/50 mix definitely saw the Assam completely overpower the Keemun. I shall have another go tomorrow.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any Yunnan tea here. But I understand that a blend of Assam, Keemun & Ceylon teas makes what is usually described as English Breakfast Tea over here.

jamin said

I love making my own blends. I often mix black, green and white. I’ve been doing a blend in the afternoon of 2/3 Keemun, 1/3 green.

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