A Mint Tea Quest

I love a good strong mint tea…peppermint, spearmint, wintermint…it doesn’t matter to me as long as it has a delicious strong flavor. Unfortunately, I can’t order my favorite mint tea anymore (from a small tea shop around here).. Now I’m on a quest. A quest to find the mint tea that ranks supreme.. the head honcho..the tea to rule them all..the big cheese! So I ask, what is the best mint tea for your palate? :]

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gmathis said

Stash had one—I’ll update if I can remember which—that reminded me of toothpaste it was so wintergreeny. Not exactly my thing, but it was plenty strong if that’s your favorite flavor.

I reminded you of toothpaste?? hahaha.. that just gives me an excuse to have a cup of tea after brushing my teeth before bed…tehehe:P

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This one has a great strong flavor and is organic: http://smile.amazon.com/Starwest-Botanicals-Peppermint-Organic-1-pound/dp/B003AYEHKC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1403229503&sr=8-1&keywords=starwest+peppermint

I also like the Tazo Refresh Mint satchets they sell at Starbucks. It’s peppermint with spearmint and tarragon.

Wow! That is really inexpensive for so much…plus it is organic!! And most of the reviews seem to really like it! :D Perfectt..

I’ve missed that Tazo!! I’ll have to look for it the next time that I’m at Starbucks… Hopefully they keep carrying it since they seem to have switched to Teavana..

Mandy said

I believe they sell it in Target, or you can also get it from amazon:

ooo..okay! I just saw some when I went to central market! Unfortunately too many groceries in hand to grab it! Pooh bears…but it was there!

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Cwyn said

Why not just buy pharmacy grade peppermint, wintergreen oils and add a drop to hot water or another beverage?

Uniquity said

I thought essential oils weren’t to be consumed? I’m pretty certain my wintergreen oil has a note about not ingesting it. There might be a difference in pharmacy grade though, I’m not very experienced with oils.

I just did a bit a googling… and apparently, topical application is fine but you aren’t supposed to ingest essential oils. Thank you so much for the idea, though! :]

Mandy said

I think they make flavoring oils, like extracts but with oil, for like candy and such that you can try.

In fact:
For $4 its worth a shot

Or you could just pick up fresh mint from the supermarket or dried mint leaves and add it to your favorite plain tea. :)

They also usually have peppermint extract (for ingestion) in the baking aisle. It should be close to the vanilla extract. You can also find creme de menthe in some liquor aisles.

Mandy said

The dried mint leaves actually sounds like the best idea, I feel like the oil might not mix too well, and the extract might impart a slight alcohol taste. But if anyone’s tried extracts with success, let me know. I have so many different flavors of extracts like raspberry and almond and so many others that it’ll be fun to play around with.

SarsyPie said

If space is available, mint is ridiculously easy to grow, comes in about a billion varieties (apple mint, chocolate mint, etc!), and you can be sure it’s pesticide free if you grow it yourself. Oh, and grow it in a pot, unless you’d like a yard full of mint. It spreads like crazy!

I really hate mint teas, LOL. But I love the smell of fresh mint in the garden, and I love fresh spearmint in a mojito in the summer! :p

I second the suggestion to grow your own. You can practically watch that stuff grow! (Though I suppose there are better ways to spend your time.)

If anyone has any luck with extracts, I would also like to know about it. Seems like it could have some interesting new uses:D

I’ve tried growing my own… in fact, I had three different types of mint… but when I left for Christmas break, my sister accidentally killed them all…>.<

I think I’ll look at my grocery store for dried mint leaves for now:]

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DAVIDsTEA. I don’t buy regular tea from them anymore but they carry the best mint tea I’ve ever had. I still purchase it. And it’s organic. You said you like it strong? Well that’s why I like their peppermint so much, it’s so cool and fresh!


And their spearmint is also the best. It’s naturally sweet. Totally different. So tasty!


Yes, I their spearmint a lot too.

A second recommendation for Peppermint Amour, I don’t think I’ve reviewed it on here yet, but I have drank at least half of a 50g bag, it’s my favorite mint tea and is awesome for headaches and seems to help me focus at work! Definitely strong :D

Uniquity said

+1 for the peppermint and the spearmint. Their peppermint is really strong, which I love. The spearmint is lighter and sweeter, but great as well. I love and stock them both because they fill different mint needs. They are also really light and fairly cheap so you get a LOT of tea in 50 grams.

Thanks you guys! I’m definitely going to have to get some when I put in a Davidstea order! :D

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Single Origin Teas sells spearmint grown in Morocco. Given how much mint tea they drink there I’m guessing it’s good. I haven’t bought any yet, but I’m planning to next payday.

My favorite mint teas are from Whispering Pines. I like their Mint Chocolate Chip black and Cherokee Mint.

Thank you! :] That’s true… They do drink tons of Mint in Morocco:P
The Cherokee Mint has a bit of a smokey after taste, right?

Yes, the Cherokee Mint has a smokey note. It’s fairly strong though it doesn’t overwhelm the mint.

Alright, that definitely sounds intriguing!:]

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boychik said

That’s so cool that the spearmint in Fez #39 was grown out here in the Pacific Northwest! :D Talk about homegrown!

Wow, that is a beautiful tin! Are both the spearmint and green tea strong in this? :]

boychik said

Kusmi is very strong on spearmint. Sometimes i add extra gunpowder. its very flavorful

Oh, perfect! I was worried about the green being a bit too long. Thank you:D

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Arshness said

I recommend Foxtrot by Adagio
I’d be happy to send you a sample if you want to do a swap?
It’s SO Minty and delicious. :)
BEST sleepy time tea.

gmathis said

Foxtrot is another one that can be approximated if you are able to buy bulk ingredients (mint/rooibos/chamomile) at a local natural food place.

Arshness said

Yeah I’mma try to blend my own soon. But either way, it’s delicious. :)

gmathis said

Yep. One of the few teas I’ve ever purchased a full pound of.

I loveeeee foxtrot. My boyfriend bought me a full 8 ounces of it recently, tehehe:D I have it pretty much every night before bed^.^
But sometimes I like just a solid mint:]

Arshness said

I have a mint plant on my porch.
I will use it to make Morrocan Mint.
Do you like Morrocan Mint? It’s my favorite mint tea. :)

I’ve never had Moroccan Mint! It sounds really delicious in theory, I’m just a little bit weary of the smoky flavor…

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If we’re talking blends here, I recommend Cha Cha by Adagio. Seriously. This tea is in my top 3. The lemongrass just enhances the peppermint so well! I have a $5 gift certificate code in my profile if you haven’t ever ordered from Adagio yet.

Arshness said

I keep meaning to try Cha Cha but how different is it from Foxtrot?

Thank you madametj, but I have already ordered quite a bit from Adagio. But I have not yet tried their Cha Cha…hmmm… It looks delicious, too!!

Arshness, it appears that Cha Cha has lemongrass instead of the rooibos :] I bet it would be fun to have a cup of both of them side by side :D

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Some favorites of mine with mint:
+Zentealife.com has plain peppermint and I love their chocolate mint rooibos
+Della Terra’s peppermint bark
hmm… I know there are some more…

Is the plain peppermint from zen tea very strong?:]

I just got some of Della Terra’s Peppermint Bark in a mystery box from them! . Unfortunately, I’m a weird human being who doesn’t like chocolate…>.< But everyone else who I have had try it, thinks it is delicious!

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Ubacat said

I like Morrocan Mint from Tealux. It’s a green tea peppermint mix and it’s quite strong

Man, everyone is highly suggesting Moroccan Mint! I have got to try this soon!
And glad the peppermint in this particular blend is so strong… thank you so much!^.^

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