-Jessica- said

Care to swap?

Here is a list of teas that I am wanting to try:

Organic Long Life Oolong – David’s Tea
Nuit à Versailles – Dammann Freres
Jasmine Silver Needle – Adagio
Calming Cherry Blossom Orchard – Adagio
Dragon Balls – Silk Road Tea
Matcha – Any grade/ any company (but really would like to try DoMatcha’s brand)
Tiramisu – Any brand
White Monkey Paw – Utopian Tea
Raspberry Oolong – A C Perch’s
White Temple tea – A C Perch’s
Organic Honey Vanilla White – LeafSpa
Sheri’s Blend – 52teas
Shamrock Green Tea – 52teas
Lapacho Orange Vanilla – ESP Emporium

Any Pu-erh from the New Mexico Tea Company
Any Green or White tea from Mariage Freres

Please take a look at my cupboard and note that I will be adding quite a few more within the next couple of days (I just orderd some new teas)! Just let me know if you are interestd and if you may have any of the above that I am looking for. – Also I am open for other teas than that listed above, just no black teas please ;-)

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I think I am out of all of those! I may have a Tiramisu and if I can find it I will let you know!

After I typed that I realized that isn’t accurate…lol…either I am out of those or have never had them in my cupboard! LOL – I don’t want everyone to think I have tried or had all of those to start, ya know!? Sorry…the ones that I have tried I don’t have in my personal stash anymore…but…if I come across the Tiramisu I will let you know! :)

-Jessica- said

Hehe no problem! Thanks for checking :-)

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I have the Calming Cherry Blossom Orchard, Matcha from DoMatcha, and some Organic Vanilla White from Leaf Spa.

-Jessica- said

Wow you have alot! hehe, well let me know if you see anything in my cupboard that you would like and then we can work out a swap of some sort. Thanks!

Hi Jessica, 

I would love to swap and after looking at your cupboard there are some teas I have been wanting to try if possible.  They are as follows…

1. Rosy Earl Grey – Teas Etc. 
2. Fruit Cocktail Green – 52Teas
3. Lemonbushomile – 52Teas
4. Champagne Raspberry White – Georgia Tea Company
5. White Christmas – Harvey and Sons

Let me know of there is anything else you would like to try from my cupboard and maybe we can arrange the swap for next week, if that works for you. 

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Hi Jessica: When I send you the Jasmine Pearls, I’ll include some of Sheri’s Blend as well as the Shamrock Green tea from 52Teas. :)

-Jessica- said

Aww thank you! ;-)

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Mel said

I have a question for swappers, I have acouple teas building up I tried but wasn’t a fan of, where is there a good place to unload these? I have Elderflower Tea from Teagschwendner, Jasmine Tea from Lee’s, Chocolate tea from Numi, Chocolate tea from Yerba Mate, and some others. I am looking to also trade teabags and grams of teas. I love trying new teas, even if I find out I don’t like them.

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