We are Leaf & Spoon. We're brand new to the Steepster communi-tea, and would like to say hello!

Hello Tea Lovers!

We happened to notice our website (http://www.leafandspoon.com/) grabbed an honorable mention in a thread a few days back about where to buy great tea online. Word of mouth and social outreach have helped us grow and evolve into a company that continuously caters to the modern day tea enthusiast. We’re thrilled some of you have begun to discover our collection, and thought it’d be nice to formally introduce ourselves to the community here at Steepster.

We are Leaf & Spoon and we are just as passionate and obsessed about tea as each and every one of you. We’d love for you to check us out and provide any feedback you may have for our growing operation.

For your efforts we’d like to offer a special coupon code for our new friends! Use promo-code “STEEPSTER” for a 20% discount on ALL our loose leaf tea! We’ve got great stuff and we’ll keep the deal live all week, so come check us out! And if you don’t like something, please let us know with a comment below, or feel free to use our live chat service! Cheers!

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Sil select said

Welcome to the neighbourhood! :)

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Kaylee said


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Great promo, will check it out for sure :-)

The website looks awesome, plus free shipping over $35 is pretty neat!

Just to make sure, it does include Canada right?

Hey, thanks taking the time to stop by!

The promotion is available for use by customers located in Canada. Unfortunately, we’re only able to provide our free shipping offer to United States based customers at this time.

If you have any additional questions/comments, please let us know!

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Ost said

Welcome! :D I second was TheTeaFairy said! Free shipping over 35$ is totally a plus! Harney&Sons always gets me at their promos of 30$+ free shipping. I know it’s only 20$ less than what it would usually be for free shipping, but hey it totally feels less to me! XD

Thanks :)

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SarsyPie said

Looks like some lovely teas. I can’t resist a promo code, so of course I ordered some. :)

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MzPriss said

You site looks great and your tins are cute! I’m sad about the following: it doesn’t appear that you can order samples and the black tea starter pack is all flavored.

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lolainred said

You have such a beautiful website. So easy to navigate (and shop)! Welcome and thanks for the code!

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Thanks everyone :)

MzPriss, it’s a great callout (re. black starter tea pack); we tried to walk the line in choosing teas for our starter tea packs with the newer tea drinker in mind, while not alienating the more seasoned customer. The compromise we landed on was adding Custom Tea Packs. The more experienced tea drinkers love this option, because they can build their tea bundle to their liking.

Thanks for the feedback; please continue to reach out if you have comments/questions!

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