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I haven’t been here in awhile. I’ve been having trouble with my Hello Kitty Tea Pot. I think I need to invest in a better one, but money short. Does anybody want to give me a nice hot water kettle? I’d be much thankful for the rest of my life.

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I wish I could ask for things and recieve them =]

I’ve done a bit of searching on the web and i’ve found a fairly cheap kettle that allows you to set your temp.



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I like Hamilton Beach. I’d prefer to buy the kettle in a store so I could take it back if I need to. I didn’t know they sold ones that can chose your own temperature. I could just use my microwave, but I miss owning a kettle. I will have to buy a new one.

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Lynxiebrat said

I am not sure but I think with the kettle above you can only adjust it by 5 degree increments and there are only a few in there. What you could do is buy a cheap kettle and a tea thermometer (Which is what I wish I did instead of buying a more $$ variable temp kettle.)or see if you can find a tea kettle that has a temp dial on it.

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I’m thinking about buying the following tea kettle. My dad is taking me to Target today.


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I don’t drive, and I don’t want to carry a kettle all over town on the bus. :) So that is why my dad is taking me. :)

Does anybody else LOVE CIMORELLI as much as I LOVE TEA??? I know I’m too old for their age group, but I love CIMORELLI!!

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Walmart is all the way on the Eastside which is why I’m going to Target.

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