Whale of a Sale! Inventory Reduction Sale at 52teas.com

Well, I couldn’t get it to work out “prettily” with our software, but I’m doing it anyway.

I’ve got too much TEA! Here’s the deal:

Buy TWO pouches for:
($7.50 each!)

Buy FOUR pouches for:
($6.25 each!)

Buy EIGHT pouches for:
($5.00 each!)

Here’s how it’s going to work: Order your pouches here, and on the last page of the checkout process indicate which teas you would like. This sort of promotion will not work with our inventory software, so we may need to contact you regarding alternative choices–just be sure to provide a valid email address.

Don’t miss out! This is a great opportunity to stock up on your favorites or try a bunch of our newer blends! We’re even going to extend our FREE SHIPPING offer to this special (*for our customers from the US and Canada).

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Cofftea said

MUST. BUY. MAYAN CHOCOLATE CHAI! Will be caving massively in a one pound way.

Cofftea said

Speaking of which, Frank… is the MCC dairy free? I want to know if this is safe to share w/ my boyfriend.

I’m pretty sure the cacao nibs have no dairy in them. Can’t think of anything else that might even be questionable.

Cofftea said

Ok good. Just wanted to make sure it was made w/ nibs only and not milk added chocolate. This tea is amazing, but not worth risking getting him sick.

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I didn’t mention it in the post on the website, but for our Steepster friends, if you want to mix and match teas from 52teas.com, MySweetHoneybush.com, ManTeas.com or even Zoomdweebies.com (though a lot of the Zoomdweebie’s blends ARE sold out, so be prepared to get an email requesting alternatives), please feel free.

I look forward to your orders (and to reducing some of our inventory!)

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OK… Frank… seriously…

stop. it. please. or I will need to have my own whale of a sale to clear out my stash of teas.


Or, you know, you could just drink them. :)

Well, yes, I suppose I could. But I already drink tea all day, every day.

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year here… I’m glad that I decided to brew some of the Pomegranate Honeybush last night for iced tea. It’s in the fridge waiting for me… yum!

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Jillian said

Argh! I think you’ve made me the proverbial deal that’s too good to pass up. My wallet is cursing your name.

So do I have to do anything special to get the deal if I order from your different companies? Like say I want a pouch from 52Teas and a pouch from MySweetHoneyBush?

Nope. Mix and match as you like.

Jillian said

I went ahead and ordered four bags – hopefully they’re all in stock.

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Will work for tea! Need more money!!!

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Stephanie said

This sale is amazing!! I have to take advantage of it asap. Thanks Frank!! I’m going to load up on honeybush blends.

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I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!

Cofftea said

I feel the same way! I have a love/hate relationship w/ Frank and his teas. My tongue LOVES him, my wallet HATES him lol.

LOL you know my pain. I just now picked out 8 different teas with no issue. Frank – will be the cause of my divorce.

Cofftea said

I’m going to do 8 as well, but I’m caving on an entire pound of Mayan Chocolate Chai. At that price it’s now cheaper than it is on ManTeas.

Wow, now if you can example this to my hubby I would greatly appreciate it. Haha :-)

Cofftea said

Yeah IF the code STEEPSTER still works 1lb of MCC bought via this sale is $5.99/lb cheaper.

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I HAVE to ask this: Is anyone having any problems checking out today? I have no less than THREE orders that went to Paypal, but were not authorized.

I understand people change their minds/decide to use a different payment method or something, but it just makes me a little paranoid that our software is having issues. If you placed an order and paid it via Paypal, you might just double check to make sure the payment has been processed in your Paypal account. Thanks.

(I’m fairly confident it’s just folks who are still making up their minds, but just to be sure, I thought I better mention it.)

Need to run this by the hubby before I purchase, I need more tea like I need a hole in the head but I DO want some.

Cofftea said

Buy now, save later Rachel. Show him how much you’ll be SAVING before how much you’ll be spending.

No trouble checking out, but I did have some issues writing in the 8 pouches I wanted. I had to flip back and forth between tabs and when I’d move the cursor back to the little box, it would automatically highlight everything I’d written before and not allow me to write anything else. I had to cut and paste back the list each time before I could add anything more.

I think mine went through ok… Lemme check my paypal email inbox real quick to make sure… yep… I have my completed payment receipt. Sorry you’re having issues with your software – I hope things get resolved soon.

Stephanie said

I just placed my order for 8 teas with Paypal and it went through just fine. I think maybe those other orders were from people who just changed their mind.

I got a bunch of honeybush blends, some chais and that one puerh. Yay!! Can’t wait! What a great deal! Thanks again! :)

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Grumble. I caved.

I am implementing a new tea conservation method following my Harney & Sons order. I simply no longer have enough room for all my tea!

Ricky admin said

Wait! Didn’t you say you were trying to get rid of tea?

Yes. I caved. Then I implemented the new plan. ;-)

Ricky admin said

Buy more, give away more. Everyone wins!

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Ewa select said

Thank god I am in Japan or I would cave SO fast. I didn’t realize going to Japan would be such a money saver!

-Jessica- said

Oooooh I want to go to Japan so bad! I hope you have fun!!!

Hmmmm. We could probably ship to you in Japan. =)

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