Looking for some certain vitamins in tea...

So, I expose the my soft belly of weakness in tea knowledge here -
I never really got around to memorizing the health benefits. It’s a bit trivial to me…
In any case, since getting a new piercing, – a scaffold (horizontal industrial)
I’ve doing more research this time than last, I’ve found that it’s good to get vitamin C and Zinc for the healing process. Also, the first two-three weeks are pretty crucial, so I’m trying to go all out with taking care of my new holes for a little while – including taking these miserable multi-vitamins three times a day.

So, on that note, does anyone know which teas (if any) contain [the most] Vitamin C and Zinc? I’ll accept herbals as an answer!
Thanks to anyone that can offer any information!

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Cofftea said

Vitamin C is an antioxident so w/o doing research I’d say white and rooibos (I’ve been told green rooibos is even healthier for you than red). I know rooibos is chalked w/ antioxidants, even if it isn’t Vitamin C. You will get more health benefits in general by consuming the entire leaf. Muzi Tea has stone ground white, green (matcha), and black teas. I believe they also have oolong and red rooibos but I could be wrong. Tea tends to have more mineral content than vitamin.

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