Teaware sale

The Jade Teapot has closed. This was due to personal reasons. Long story if you really want to know ask.

I have lots of teaware in inventory that I need to let go of. The site is still up. If you wish to see what teawear is still up for garage sale (prior to donation) please e-mail me either at my steepster account or [email protected] all Jade teapot e-mail addresses are down due to the personal reason. I will send you the link (it is not the normal link the store is closed it is only open to you!!) to view the items still in inventory. Make offer!! I have to setup a paypal account yet to send invoices out yet so please be patient. (advise please to who know how this works I left this up to others, again to the personal reasons thing) shipping is at what it is or as agreed in e-mail.

Please don’t try to make payment in site as the credit card account is closed and will not work i will setup paypal account. You dont need to setup a user as it will be deleted, if you have in the past all information has been removed. please go though e-mail.

all shipments will be confirmed, a shipping number with USPS will be issued prior to the paypal invoice. all shipments will be backed up and fully refuneded if you dont receive in good order.

Thanks for your support.


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Jillian said

Oh no! And I was just thinking of ordering from your store (the Tie Guan Yin you gave me a sample of was incredible). I tried to go to your site just now but it seems to be down for maintenance. :(

It states that but i can give you a new link in e-mail if you wish to see the teaware if you wish to make an offer. all the tea is already gone. :-(

Jillian said

I’d like the link please, I don’t know if I’ll buy anything but I’d still like to look. I also don’t suppose you know of any other place that I could get that Tie Guan Yin?

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-Jessica- said

I have been looking for a tea pot and a couple of cups over the past week! I am very much interested in what you have left. Please PM me.

sent you the link to the site.

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Cofftea said

I’d be interested in the yixing tumbler- I have yet to find one anywhere else. Please PM me as well.

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wombatgirl said

Please send me the link as well.. I’m very sorry you had to close. I was very fond of your store.

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Jason select said

I need a new teapot too…want to send me the link? Sorry to hear about the store :(

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So sorry to hear about your closing:(
Please send me the link, I will take a look at what you have left.

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I will just post it here. remember that the store credit card service is not working.


the inventory is up todate. all prices are what they were when open but are no longer set make offer and we can go from there.

thanks for your support.

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Everything that is left is now hitting e-bay over the next few months under user number 11sbaumann.

Thanks for posting this, I will be checking out what you have left within the next couple of weeks.

I will be checking ebay for what you have as well.

So sorry to hear of your closing :(


If there is any questions please let me know. either here, on e-bay or my email [email protected].

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