Rust in My Kamjove?!

Hi lovely steepster community. I need some advice.

I was about to make myself some Zhi wuyi oolong; but as I poured hot water from my (rather new) electric Kamjove kettle, to preheat my gaiwan, the water came out tinted. I don’t believe I’ve noticed this before, and I am afraid I consumed some rust infused water…

It appears that my Kamjove (model KJ-750A to be precise) has built up some rust where the spout meets the pot. Near some small holes within the kettle. Strange, because I thought aluminum cannot rust.

I’ve tried to rinse it out, and clean it with Q-tips, but there is still some rust I just can’t remove. I have read that leaving white vinegar to soak inside could help, but I am afraid of the after taste/smell it may leave. Which could ultimately ruin my tea.

Hopefully someone has had the same misfortune, and can shed some advice on removing the rust all together, without compromising the taste neutrality of the kettle. I am also worried about the rusty water that I consumed, and how bad it was for my health.

All together I hope someone here could shed some advice, I wouldn’t want to end up throwing this kettle out.


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The only thing I could think of it use CLR and rinse several times before using. I’ve used CLR on my kettles and I’ve never had any weird tasting tea as long as I rinsed thoroughly.

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Chef8489 said

Well if it is aluminum it can not rust per say. It will corrode. Aluminum oxide is a white to silver oxide aka rust. Are you sure it is not a stainless steel and thus rusts in the red/orange way?

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Will said

I think the Kamjoves are mostly stainless steel, not aluminum, but I could be wrong.

Can you see the rust? If it’s new, I’d think it might more likely be the shmutz that seems to end up in the spout from the manufacturing process – I would try several repeated long boils with the water level as high as possible. Also, using diluted white vinegar inside shouldn’t be a problem, though I don’t know if it will help if the problem is actually rust.

I have had metal electric kettles build up a little rust, but only on the outside – like the area under the spout (and these are ones that aren’t coated on the outside like yours is). I doubt that rust will be unsafe to drink… people have been boiling water in unlined iron tetsubins with rust spots for thousands of years.

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