TEALUX Canada Day sale

I know they do have sales quite often, but for those interested, TEALUX is having a 20% OFF sale until july 2nd, coupon code CADAY20.

If you don’t know this company, their straight black and oolong teas are fantastic and affordable.


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Ost said

Oy…So tempting ><

Definitely! But I already decided I wanted to order the Tea At Sea sampler tomorrow so I can’t get this too. :P

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Perfect timing! I had a saved cart that I was wanting (mostly full of oolongs, I have an addiction) but was waiting for some money to arrive…which it did today.

I took full advantage of this sale. Anyone had the Aged Wuyi Yancha Fo Guo Yan? Apparently it is aged 20 years, it might be the thing I am most excited about.

Dexter said

I haven’t had that one, but I have had this:
it’s Fantastic!!!!
My favorite oolong from Tealux is Black Pearl Sumatra
It’s more black than oolong, but I LOVE it.
In general I like the quality of the straight teas from Tealux (flavors are hit and miss). I’m sure you’ll enjoy what you’ve ordered. :))

Ooh those both look fantastic! I was so torn on picking the Yancha or the 20 Year Aged Roasted Oolong…I had to go with the Yancha because I LOVE Shui Xian Oolong.

The Black Pearl Sumatra is definitely going on my wishlist! I got mostly straight teas, the only flavored ones I got were herbal and Lavender Oolong. So excited :)

Dexter said

If you love Yancha then I’m sure you’ll be fine with the one you chose. It’s really all just personal preference.
I’ve ordered from them a few times, but their website is just overwhelming (and new teas added all the time). Tealux orders are always exciting. :))

Amanda, don’t know if you like green oolongs, but their Wenshan Baozhong and Da Yu Ling Oolong are the best I have tried.

And I agree with Dexter, the 20 year aged is really good and so are those Sumatra pearls.

I also love their Assam #8 and will stop here cause I could recommend stuff all night :-)

Dexter said

I agree, I’m not even an Assam fan but their Assam #8 is awesome!!!

Haha, maybe I should have asked for recommendations before I ordered! I love green oolongs, but I have not met an oolong that I did not immediately love. Good to know about the Da Yu Ling, I am always curious to try more, I love Yezi’s but so far that is all I have had.

Dexter said

The good thing is that they have sales often – just start another wish list and wait for the next sale. ;))

I already started a new one! It is a never ending cycle :P

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