Saki Cups for Tea

Hey Guys

Just wondering if anyone else uses saki cups for drinking tea? I’ve got a couple now and they’re super cute. If you’re drinking Pu’erh they’re pretty cool as yixing pots are super small so you can get multiple cups from one pot and each cup is slightly stronger than the previous one! :)

I quite like the look of this one

but at $250 I might have to pass ;)

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Cofftea said

No, but I love drinking it from champagne flutes:)

…Champagne flutes?
Do you drink it iced?
Hot seems like it would be a very awkward experience.

Cofftea said


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@Grumblemouse – those are gorgeous sake cups! But yeah, I’m not up for spending quite that much for them. However, if you’re in to the handmade look for your teacups and/or sake cups and/or chawans… I suggest trying one of these sources:

These are venues that feature artisans who make all sorts of things, from pottery to books to sculptures to paintings to … well… tea! You might be able to find something similar to this that is quite a bit more reasonable.

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In the really early days, before I had any teaware beyond a white beehouse teapot, I did.
My friend and I found a dragon-decorated sake set in San Francisco, and we decided to use that every night with tea, because pouring the tea tea into the decanter, then into small cups was better than just pouring it into mugs…

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TeaParT said

With the world of tea drinkers expanding, I’ve tried to broaden my thoughts from simply teacups to drinking cups. This allows me to look to all of my drink ware with possibilities. How much fun is ice tea served in a tacky New Orleans Hurricane glass?

Rather than place limits on the artists this show expanded the competition from traditional chawans to teabowls. Check out the beautiful response. Such a variety!

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