Tea Art Contest-Ended-Winners Announced

Since contests are so fun, and I have too much tea, I am holding a contest

Tea Art

To enter link to a picture of some tea-themed art you personally have made and which of he first 3 categories you wish to enter into. You may enter into more than one category.

Your art can be a painting, pottery, sculpture, scrap-book, knitting, metal-smith, whatever you like!

You may only submit photography as art if you explain what is pictured and why you own the picture (public property; a park). This is so that i can tell if you are submitting the shrubbery you cut into a teapot, or the picture itself.

There will be a few winners;
Smallest, how small can you go?
Largest, think big!
Utilitarian (you can use it for something functional; e.g. mug)
And the one i like best

Please submit entries by August 1, 2010
Winners will be announced after I get a chance to review all entries.

The winners will get a random selection, my choice, of at least 4 different teas, and at least 2 ounces of tea total. Please note if there are things you don’t like so I can try and avoid them (green tea, rooibos, etc) if you win.

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Cofftea said

Oh if only I was talented. I have an awesome idea, but no capability to execute it lol.

I usually suffer the same fate, i get pretty ugly stick people out of the effort.

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So I do photography so can I submit a photo I have taken and am proud off?

yes! just make sure to note your submitting the photograph itself, just not what is in the photograph, did that make sense?

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oh wow! thank you, your kicking us off to an excellent and beautiful start :)

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Does poetry work?

hmmm, this time I am going to say no, i was going for more visual in this contest since there was recently a limerick contest

don’t worry I’m trying to work on another contest around words and doing creative things with words i just haven’t figured out the rules to define a winner yet!

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AWESOME!!!! :) I’m in!!!! Stay Tuned…

yea! thanks for entering, this is fun :)

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TeaParT said

Way to go AmazonV. Once again you’ve come up with a great idea to expand the tea experience beyond the cup.

i have to partially blame you and your alien teapot :)

TeaParT said

We’re flattered. RMP is the key artist around here. Right now he is hot & heavy into the spray paint art but once school starts he has promised me a tea bowl. My own “tea” art leans to the functional side. After a laundry mishap, I made an old sweater into a tea cozy. Being wool, it works great to keep the tea hot.


Maybe this contest will motivate me to try another.

that’s great! gogo recycling :)

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AJ said

Well, I’ve got nothing new or very directly-tea-related on paper or in my mind, but I DO still want to submit something. So!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4797670844/

I drew this a little while ago, inspired by Leafbox Tea’s campaign to make tea Cool. It’s Doctor Who Fanart combined with Favourite Actor Fanart.

Jon Pertwee (RIP 1997; also pictured in my icon), one of my favourite all-time actors, as my favourite incarnation of the Doctor. Enjoying a wonderful cup of tea.

I’m a geek. I know.

It was originally uploaded on my DA account, but I’m always a little shy about giving that out, so it’s up on flickr instead.

thanks so much, I love Dr. Who :)

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thanks for entering, and YEA for coincidences of timing

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Mmk, I couldn’t help but try something when I saw that smallest size was a category. Just spent over an hour with tweezers, fighting static electricity and a mysterious draft I never noticed in the room to make this little guy. Not very creative, but it’s made of nothing but tea with no adhesive.

“Tea on Leaf” by Tommy Smith
Assam CTC fragments on broken Tai Ping Hou Kui leaf bit atop Gong Ting pure bud miniature bingcha.

Here’s the “Tea on Leaf” next to a tape measure for reference.

Oo thank you for entering it! it is so itty bitty :)

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ck update: I am in Vegas, returning on the red-eye monday morning

when i get home monday night, unless i go right to bed, i’ll announce the winners :)

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