4th of July sale!

Happy 4th of July! Enjoy 10% off site-wide all day!

www.whisperingpinestea.com :)

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And we have a new chai, too :)


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You are an evil, evil man.

Muahahahaha! :D

I’m about to submit an order, can you make sure I didn’t pick anything smoky?

Yep, nothing smokey there! :)

Thanks for the order!

You’re welcome, crack dealer! :)

Hahaha, that’s me! ;)

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Just made my first ever real Whispering Pines order! I used the new customer code for 15% off since I’ve only ordered samples before, let me know if that’s not okay. :)

Yay! Congrats :) And yep, that’s totally fine :)

Thanks, I’m excited! Too bad you’re out of S’mores! :(

I hope you got Elder Grove.

S’mores will be back by tomorrow :) You can still add some if you’d like!

Send me a message if you want some

Marzipan I did get Elder Grove! It deserves another chance. :D

Brenden I don’t think you’re following me because I can’t message you! :P

Following you now! :)

I’ll be out for a few minutes…gathering greens from the woods for a salad :)

Mandy said

Oh no there’s a new customer code too? What is it? Or maybe don’t tell me because then I’ll break down and place an order.

It’s definitely NOT a code for 15% off your order…

And the code is definitely NOT “sip-inspiration”…or anything like that.

You really shouldn’t place an order and save awesome amounts of money. You shouldn’t! :)

And Mandy you definitely shouldn’t still spend $50 to get free shipping even with the discounts. Muahaha!

Mandy said

Oh my, you two are the worst! While I’m totally not breaking down and placing an order, is there anything I must not add to my order? (Just as long as its not smokey. I’m with Marzipan, no smoke please)

Mandy said

Oh no! Golden Orchard says its in stock with 3 left, but when I try to add it to my cart it says out of stock D;

Ohhh goodness, let me fix that real quick! :)

Definitely don’t add Golden Orchid…it’s terrible :P

Fixed! :)

And I see you like green tea. Don’t even think about adding The Sleeping Bear Blend. It’s the worst green tea ever.

Mandy said

Oh I heard it was absolutely dreadful! Any other dreadful teas I should definitely not add to my cart?

Noooo!!! Don’t add Sleeping Bear….ALL MINE!!!!

Mandy said

Most definitely did not already add that to my cart! Though it appears that Golden Orchard is out of stock again.

Mandy said

I’m most definitely not $8 away from free shipping, that would be crazy, I’m a good little girl on a buying ban. But, if I was $8 away, what should I add? Hypothetically (;

This is so not funny!

Blahhh, totally NOT available finally.

Mandy said


And definitely don’t add another ounce of Ailaoshan Black. It’s not the best ever.

Or I would highly recommend not adding Bi Luo Chun Black since nobody likes it on here…

Mandy said

Ok well I so totally did NOT just spend $52, and am not now running late to meet my boyfriend. Didn’t see the Bi Luo Chun recommendation before not placing my order

Those were all horrible choices. Glad you didn’t do them. And because that didn’t happen you have no good excuse to give your boyfriend ;)

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Ost said

And now I’ve made an official order from you. :P Finally had to give in. But like it’s a holiday, it’s okay to spend crazy amounts of money, right? xD Now I’ll be trying to justify this the whole day. Oy.
Anywho thanks for having the sale! :D

Yay! Thanks so much :) Have a lovely 4th!

Ost said

You too! :D

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Ok, Brenden, before I commit to another order, just want to tell you that I hold you fully responsible for the fact that soon enough, I won’t be able to pay my mortgage. I’ve said it before, I will then become the “tea-bag” lady, wandering in the woods, my tea stash with me… Oh yes…my presciousssss.

You should totally wait! :)

inranger said

@TTF at least you will have company in the wandering band.

Tea bag lady. Snicker.

Hehehe I can totally see this :P

Inranger, thanks for the company :-)

( and being homeless, wandering around with my tea would make me TheTeaGypsy )

Dexter said

(There is room in my house for your tea stash….if you need a safe place to put it while you are wondering…..)

Haha dexter…I kind of DOUBT that…

Dexter said

Oh no – there is ALWAYS ROOM FOR MORE TEA – it would be really SAFE here – I would love it and take care of it for you – just saying, if you don’t want to carry it around with you ;))

Haha! You will be my top pic for an adoption family Dexter ;-)

You might get some of my stash anyways….the purge isn’t following that list of rules anymore…I’m getting rid of more stuff. Will let you know which ones soon, you tell me if you want them.

“tea-bag lady”—Good one, TheTeaFairy!!!! ;-)

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Here’s a thought for you…I’ve been spending more on your tea than on grocery lately.

Dexter said

Ummmm yeah – that’s totally normal in my world – tea is way more important than food….

kimquat said

This is my life. Oh lordy.

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Ubacat said

Ah so many wonderful teas I haven’t even tried and I’ve maxed out my tea budget this month already. My tea cabinet is exploding.

Dexter said

Pacing is important – the tea will be there next month (or at least most of them) – having to try EVERYTHING right now, is what got me in trouble – setting budgets and sticking to them isn’t something I’m good at. You should be proud of your restraint. :))

Listen to Dexter, Ubacat! She gives great advices. Yes, you should be proud for not being silly out of control like I am :-O

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boychik said

How can I miss El Dorado and Sleeping Bear???
Just placed an order Brenden. Thank you !

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