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What's Your Favorite Osmanthus Tea?

I’m new to Osmanthus. It’s a pretty famous flower in the tea world, so I’ve been wanting to try it. I bought an Osmanthus rolled oolong from Taiwan but in my opinion the tea is so heady and floral on its own that the Osmanthus is but a subtle aftertaste that only really shows if you smack your tongue against the roof of your mouth. I can definitely taste the “apricot” or “peach” flavor of it, but it is so subtle. I am wondering if you all have a favorite version of Osmanthus tea, perhaps one that really lets the flavor of the Osmanthus flower come through well and pairs well with the tea… or is it a pretty good tisane on its own, without tea? I tend to prefer scented teas to tisanes, but am not opposed to trying brewed Osmanthus flowers minus tea. I just need a few pointers so I can determine where my dollar should land next time I try.

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yyz said

I haven’t had a scented Osmanthus tea but I have had some which have taken on the characteristics due to their growing environment.

King’s Zen Tea has a couple I’ve tried

I would like to try this Osmanthus tea.

I have bought tea from the company that produces this tea before and they were of good quality.

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Teasenz has a good Osmanthus tea. I drank all mine.

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Teavivre is my favorite, I think the intense floral notes of the oolong match perfectly with the floral notes of the osmanthus, it was almost like they were made for each other. But on the other hand other than just the flowers themselves it is the only osmathus blend I have had (I do have an herbal tea on the way that has some in it)

I do have some of the flower on its own, shall I put a sample of it in your box?

Lion select said

Yes, I would love that! :3
It’s always good to taste an ingredient on its own to help you appreciate and recognize it better when you try something that has it blended.

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