wombatgirl said

Is anyone else having problems with their Bon Teavant Order? (Resolved and Happily so)

-original topic snipped -

This entire issue has been resolved, and resolved very nicely.

Thanks everyone. :)

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wombatgirl said

Oh good – all this took was a letter expressing my dismay at what was going on, and they’ve retracted the paypal money request. Looks like this may not be wonky after all!

Ron Studd said

I’ve ordered before from Bon Teavant, never had a problem before. I have spoken with the owner before and have had nothing but a positive experience as a customer. If things aren’t resolved yet, I’d be surprised, she’s very quick to respond to emails and ensure you’re happy.

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Weird…well, at least it’s all sorted out!
What was the final payment price to you – if you don’t mind me asking???

wombatgirl said

The price I was originally charged was $47.17.

But they paid for their error!? You didn’t then, right!?

wombatgirl said

Correct. I didn’t pay the additional $17. I wrote them an email expressing my dismay and saying how it seemed tacky to tell me not to pay, then asking for money, and they retracted the paypal money request.

That’s what I thought…lol…thanks…just wanted to make sure I was thinking correct :)

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she steeps said

As the owner of Bon Teavant, I am happy to publish the email that was sent to “wombat girl”:
We regret that this issue caused so much concern.

Our policy is to ship orders the same day they are placed. This was in no way a means of forcing you to purchase what you had ordered, but a simple act of policy and integrity on the part of Bon Teavant. Without sending the Paypal request, you would not have known how to pay the additional amount, if you chose to do this. The request will immediately be withdrawn.

Indeed the financial error is in the website, and we hope you will enjoy your tea and get much use and pleasure from the book.

Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience and concern this caused you. Thank you for your purchase.

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