"Tea Mastery, Pursuing Your Journey Into Tea"…More Than Just a Book!

Tea Mastery, Pursuing Your Journey Into Tea, a 190-page book, has been published by the American Tea Masters Association. “Many tea aficionados approached us about our training programs, but simply could not afford the tuition. This prompted us to convert our extensive training manuals into an affordable book format, and include 38 world-class tea samples for tasting and evaluation and a pad of 100 extra Tea Evaluation Forms,” according To Chas Kroll, Certified Tea Master and Executive Director of the association. “The book includes the essential elements, concepts, and forms used by the association for training a Certified Tea Master™. It is a comprehensive guide for launching or continuing one’s journey into tea,” said Kroll.

The book and accompanying tea samples are perfect for enhancing one’s knowledge and experience of tea in preparation for opening a tea business or expanding an existing establishment. Or perhaps one’s interest is in mastering tea for their own personal satisfaction. Either way, this book and tea samples will stimulate the reader’s passion for teas from around the world.

The expertise gained from reading this book and evaluating the tea samples may be self-sufficient. “If you want to take what you learn to the next level, you have the option of pursuing the Certified Tea Professional™ designation from the comfort of your home,” said Kroll. More information on certification is available in the book.

Tea Mastery, Pursuing Your Journey Into Tea is available from the association for $195, plus shipping and handling. It is being sold only in the U.S. and Canada. To order a personal copy, including the 38 tea samples and 100 extra Tea Evaluation Forms, visit www.TeaMasters.org/teamasterybook.html.

About the Association: The American Tea Masters Association is a nationally recognized, membership-based organization founded to provide Mastery Level training, education, and professional certification to individuals desiring to become tea masters and tea sommeliers. The association is respected as meeting superior educational standards by offering its Tea Mastery Certification Course™ for achieving the prestigious Certified Tea Master™ designation upon completion of the coursework. More information is available on the association’s web site at www.TeaMasters.org.

About the Author: Chas Kroll is a gifted visionary with a distinctive passion for tea and its health benefits. He founded the Association in order to create a way for tea professionals to become certified as tea masters. Certified graduates acknowledge him for his effective, joyous, and inspirational teaching style, as well as appreciate his extensive knowledge of and passion for tea.

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this sounds like an amazing opportunity. I am for sure going to look into it!

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