Calling all UK tea drinkers... I need a good shop

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Marie said

Brambr – if you can find an online store that allows you to purchase in bulk. Here is one worth checking out in the US if you’re willing to order outside the UK?

I started to make my own homemade chai tea by grinding my spices and adding to a double dose of Irish Breakfast tea. But the main thing being finding a place that allows you to buy in bulk so you’re not paying for insane markup on the packaging and labor for smaller quantities of tea.

Hi, can I throw us into the mix? We at In Nature Teas are based in London and our website is We specialise in pure, organic loose leaf teas, and if I do say so myself, they are very good!

If you are London based we do frequent tea tastings in Whole Foods.

- Helen

I had forgot about this thread. 3 Years on and people are still struggling to find good teas in the UK. Since I started this thread I’ve used Canton Tea Co a few times, they have a good range of tea and the service is great.

Jules1 select said

Have you tried Tregothnan? They grow the tea in Cornwall! I didn’t think that was possible. I haven’t tried it myself but it sounds interesting. They only make a few types though.

NofarS said

Have you tried Wan Ling Tea House?

I’m a little surprised nobody’s mentioned Whittard. Or are they considered substandard?

Haven’t bought/tasted from all of these, but I have them bookmarked:

If anyone’s been curious about our teas, we have a special offer for £13 at the moment containing 3 boxes of tea and a tea strainer. It’s a secret Facebook offer, now open to Steepster users :)

I found a company called Blue Bird Tea Co which are one of the only UK companies that I have found that sells their own unique blends. Such as Birthday Cake, Rhubarb & Custard, Hot Mama Jama, Monkey Chops and Vicky’s Sponge Cake. A novelty for those of us in the UK.

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