Calling all UK tea drinkers... I need a good shop

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What are you guys looking for when you say ‘a good shop’?

Some people prefer teas with added flavourings and don’t mind a poorer quality base tea in this as it doesn’t really matter when you prefer the added flavouring, like Whittard’s, others are looking for a tea shop with a huge selectcion, or are conscious about pesticides and would prefer a smaller selecction but where the stock is monitored properly, with pesticide testing certificates and information on the tea garden from which the tea has come from?

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Our tea shop is distnguished by the tea quality, with no added flavourings – if this is what you prefer (we’ve spent 5 years sourcing our tea to ensure it is the best quality, have tested it rigorously in labs for pesticides and know the tea gardens from which each tea originates).

Our love for tea inspired by our English grandparents, for Sasha and I, tea is also about lifestyle and using tea as a tool to inspire you, so we make videos and write blog posts on how to use tea to improve and inspire you in your life.

Yulia X

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Hi David, I recently discovered an online tea shop which sells the nicest Ceylon Tea and they have quite a range of teas, over 50 varieties are available on that store. And they also have some good bundle offers as well. They also offer free shipping. Checkout their site: hope this helps.

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Raritea said

My most recent online order was with What-Cha- they have a great selection of high quality teas and the owner is very dedicated to his customers. With my tea package, he included a hand-written note and some samples of some of his favourite teas. Highly recommended and free UK shipping with a purchase of £25!

mrmopar said

I will give What-Cha an approval stamp as well. Canton tea is another nice shop.

Rob said

I second that !

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MattB said


I’ve been drinking loose tea for over 20 years and in this time ive used the same loose tea company, they are called The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company They are a UK loose leaf tea supplier, with over 1000 different tea and also a selection of coffee beans too.

I have never seen a company with such a large selection of different types of tea and very much worth looking at, price wise I think they are very good, they dont put their teas in fancy tea caddies hence they their pricing.

I hope this could be of use to you.


Matt B

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