Teaware lust?

I have been window shopping. I love these, but can’t justify the prices. Do you have any that haunt you like these do me?




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Remember when Crate and Barrel had those limited edition teapots that came out once every month to celebrate their 50th anniversary? I wanted one – specifically the one for December. So expensive, but I loved the design! Didn’t matter, though, they were gone in a flash – I never had a chance! Here’s a pic:

MzPriss said

OMG – that might be the cutest thing ever

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All three of those are REALLY pretty Marzipan!

I drool over Tokoname yaki ware kyusu on ebay periodically.


Oh I love that little green one with the flowers on it.

So pretty…Still don’t own one but someday I will…oh yes I will!!

boychik said

Funny but I didn’t know which one I liked more. All of them are so unique

AllanK said

Cameron B. It is interesting you liked that one. I almost bought that months ago. I ordered a totally different pot and the potter produced that instead. I ended up buying something different from the same seller. I almost wish I had bought that but it did not look symmetrical in the photos. I am having second thoughts.

Cameron B., that one caught my eye too! Trying to not be so acquisitive lately, though.

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So cute! Although it sounds really small… I wish they had volume measurements. :P

That yellow is so happy!

Yes, volume measurements are super necessary. Sucks that they don’t list them.

Marzipan, I know! I love it with the happy gold circles. And the fair cup is so adorable. :)

Stephanie, the dimensions on it are super deceptive too, because I’m sure that includes the spout and the super tall handle. I don’t know what volume is usually used for gong fu brewing…

I prefer an 8oz gongfu pot but I know they make some a lot larger and smaller than that.


MzPriss said

Adorable! I love that sunny yellow

boychik said

I like 4-5 oz. because with multiple resteeps you will feel like water ballon ready to explode any sec haha

That is the most adorable set ever! More than I’d pay, but not totally unreasonable. I’d ask for it as a gift. Just by eyeballing I’m gonna guess 5-6 ounces. I prefer 4 though :P

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I’ve been longingly looking at some very nicely designed ceramic gaiwans lately.

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yyz said

I find myself browsing some of the cannisters and tea cups here sometimes. I already have two of the cannisters.

Those ceramic travel thermoses are really cool! :D

OMGsrsly said

The Tea Centre in Courtenay BC has some of those ceramic travel thermoses. Maybe not exact, but so close! They looked really nice, and were fairly heavy-duty, but I’d be scared of breaking one.

boychik said

yyz I wanna buy EVERYTHING in there. But I run out of space already. I need a bigger house with my pers. tearoom. And also I need plant room because I got those too. A lot

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Oh, I like this post… Love your selection Marzipan!! I say…Indulge??

I’ve been obsessed with this Yixing pot for several months now… But I can’t justify buying it cause:

1) it’s expensive
2) I have way too much teaware, it’s getting ridiculous
3) i broke 4 yixing pots this year

But…but…it’s so darn cute!!


Goodness gracious! What happened to those poor tea pots?

A series of unfortunate events…and my own clumsiness!!!

MzPriss said

It IS very very very cute!

That’s such a shame ;-; Maybe if you had a (big) birthday coming up…?

Haha! no but thanks for your concern…I have “restocked” them all now since last january. I’m expecting two this week. TO BE HANDLED WITH CARE!!!

MzPriss, want to buy it??? BTW, turquoise it totally in my top 3 favourite colours, forgot to answer that this morning :-)

MzPriss said

I adore it – but I have 3 yixings that I never hardly use already because I never have any time for gong-fuy and when I do, I generally use a gaiwan – but that is cute cute cute

MzPriss said

And I have to quit buying things you point out. Really. I have dogs to feed :D

boychik said

TheTeaFairy, I had to get this baby today
Btw they got new Yixing

Lol, MzPriss, I hear ya!!

Boychik: It’s so pretty and so affordable, and so tiny just the way you like them :-)

boychik said

Yep, it’s simple but most important it’s tiny. I think I would like 100 ml even more

boychik said
Lam said

Lovely pot! I love clay stuff, so very nice. The price is the only thing holding me back right now!!

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Nicole said

I completely lust after Franz teaware. A super generous friend with a love for great art gifted me with the dragonfly teapot several years ago. I haunt ebay every so often in hope… When I win the lottery – Franz teapots, chocolate, tea and travel. :)



Marzipan, those are gorgeous!!!

The hummingbird teapot is beautiful.

boychik said

I’ve never seen anything like this. Wow.

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MzPriss said

Marzipan – THAT PINK GAIWAN!!!!!!! You need to treat yourself – that is BEAUTIFUL

MzPriss said

Dang! I just re-looked at that pink gaiwan and noticed the price

Lol…the Mandala pink one was kind of more affordable. So sad you missed that one.

MzPriss said

And you know – it really was stupid of me – I did MANY Mandala orders and almost put it in my cart and didn’t do it and then when I decided to, it was gone. It’s OK though. I got a cute red one at Zhi. And um, I might have some teapots/cups/mugs coming

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THESE: http://www.amazon.com/DUSIEC-Collectable-Porcelain-Romantic-Creative/dp/B009T2YDXA/ref=sr_1_1?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1404777696&sr=1-1&keywords=peacock+tea+cup

They come in different colors.

Nicole said

I actually gave in and got one of those. I think I found mine on Ebay though. It is gorgeous I use it every so often. :)

MzPriss said

I keep looking at those. I’ve looked at 6 or 7 different colors. I’m afraid I would it break it – but so so pretty and outrageous

Those tea cups always appear when I’m looking for teacups on ebay. Arrgg, been wanting one for well over a year. Bleh, I’m gonna wishlist it on amazon and hope a family member buys it for me.


boychik said

Love it

Kaylee said

Well now I have some new teaware to crave…


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AJ said


This. Every time it sells out, I think that’ll be the last of it, but then Teavivre restocks.

MzPriss said

That is a nice set – like that a LOT!

Wow, this is beautiful…

Nicole said

That is really nice! I love the handles on the pot.

Beautiful set!

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