I booked a flight to visit Verdant's tasting room!

Call me crazy, but I booked a flight to visit my favorite tea store, Verdant! I’ve heard amazing things, and has always dreamed of drinking tea there since they’ve opened their tasting room. While I’m in the area, I was looking for some other things to do/places to see if anyone has recommendations let me know :) I’m traveling the end of September.

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Sil select said

you TOTALLY just reminded me that i’ll be in minneapolis in september.. hmmm wonder if i can get away…

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Javan said

Sounds like fun! Enjoy. I don’t know the area well, so no recos from here, but you should have a great time.

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The cathedral in St. Paul is quite gorgeous to visit.

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I don’t have any recommendations (never been to MN), but I hope you have lots of fun! If I somehow get to the area in future it’s on my list of places to visit.

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Oh wait, where is their tasting room? When Sil mentioned MPLS I thought it was there.

I used the wrong acronym, my bad!

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Oh shoot, I could drive to MO :)

If it were in MO I would be a much happier (and probably even more broke) person :P We do have Shang’s so it is not a total loss!

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Let’s see…when I spent a month in the Twin Cities I went rambling around a bunch. If you are into shops that sell some of the most random stuff ever, then a visit to Ax-Man Surplus Store would be a fun adventure.

I second St Paul Cathedral, it is huge and beautiful, a lot of fun to photograph.

The Mall of America is insane, I mean really, an aquarium, theme park, and butterfly house inside a mall? Overkill!

Como Park Zoo is free and has a beautiful Conservatory and lots of animals.

Dinky Town has great shops and little restaurants, there are several museums, the capital building is another great photographic site, and there are several public gardens that are also quite lovely.

Does the Mall of America have a tea store?

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they did. I was there back in 2010 and don’t remember seeing one, but it could be because I spent most my day there staring at jellyfish in the aquarium :P I maybe saw a quarter of the stores.

Looked it up… they have a place called The Tea Garden, and a Teavana.

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Nicole said

You are my kind of traveler – figure out where the tea is and then decide what else there is to do! :)

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darby select said

Hey Luci! There are a few of us that live in MN – maybe we could all meet up one day that you’re here.

If you like old houses – visit the James J Hill house on Summit Ave. It’s also a lot of fun walking down Summit and Grand Ave to see all the old houses. James J does a walking tour on Sat and Sun.

It is possibly (depending on your dates) that our Renaissance Festival will be going on too.

BTW – the Tea Garden at MOA is nothing to talk about.

If you want to go to a cute tea place for lunch – there is The Mad Hatter Restaurant and Tea Room in Anoka.

For another tea shop – check out TeaSource – they have 3 locations. On Tue/Thurs they have sample day!

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Thank you everyone for all of your ideas! I’m going September 20-22 :)

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